Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Walking Tree Travel promotes diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging among our staff and with our global partners. Our Director of Diversity provides valuable insight into how to implement equitable practices both locally and globally.



Commitment to Our Planet

In addition to serving human communities, we are dedicated to the exploration and protection of the biological communities that support people around the world. Our Conservation Expeditions are designed to emphasize the interconnectedness of human society with the fragile ecosystems that make it possible. Students complete hands-on research and data collection which contribute to important local conservation and sustainability projects.

Walking Tree is pleased to partner with Sustainable Travel International to give our participants the opportunity to offset the carbon emissions of their programs. In order to reduce the amount of paper we use for enrollment forms and printed catalogs, we maintain an updated and mobile-ready web page where teachers, students, and parents can contact us, enroll in a program, view flight schedules and packing lists, and learn all they need to know before embarking on their adventure.


Commitment to Our Travelers

We are committed to providing our travelers with the most authentic experience possible while simultaneously allowing each individual the opportunity to develop leadership skills, realize new passions, and consider their role in our global community. Our programs have the potential to alter perspectives on what is important in life and expose students to new paths they haven’t considered before.

Our leaders take an individual interest in each traveler and work to facilitate the successful achievement of their personal goals. Whether hoping to improve language skills, take charge in the community service project, or start planning future international adventures, our leaders and in-country staff are there to help make it happen.

Finally, we are committed to helping our travelers continue to explore the world even after the program is over. Upon completion of a program, participants become part of our ever-growing alumni family, joining an amazing network of globally-minded people who will prove to be great resources as they move into college, the job market, and beyond!


Commitment to our Partner Communities

The experiences that students have when they travel with us would be impossible without the hospitality, kindness, and cooperation of our host communities. The families that open their doors to our students donate their time, energy, and love to receiving our students in their homes, and they provide a fun, safe, meaningful opportunity for cultural exchange.

Although our host families do this out of the kindness of their hearts, we make sure that your tuition not only covers the cost of your stay with your family, but also helps contribute to their household. In this way, your travel experience with us has a positive impact on the sustainable development of rural communities in our host countries. Our commitment to truly sustainable travel is of paramount importance to our mission and philosophy.