One of the best ways to experience a culture first hand is through its food. We try to honor each country’s customs by eating local cuisine, which we also feel enhances our travelers’ experience. On all programs we will take care of every participant’s food and drinking water during their travel experience, providing three healthy and balanced meals each day (beverages included).

Our staff will always do our diligence to accommodate any food allergies or health considerations that are listed in the medical and dietary information you provide us on your enrollment form. We also work closely with our host families to help them understand and adjust their meal preparation based on dietary needs or restrictions.

Free Time

We value the importance of free time on all of our programs. Sometimes the most memorable experiences while traveling are the times when you stumble across a live musical street performance, discover your new favorite hidden café, or simply play games and relax with new friends. This can also be an important opportunity to take a nap or go for a run. In all cases, we understand that having some free time on a program is essential for keeping your energy up and experiencing special moments that would be impossible in a large group.

Free time will be structured throughout the program at the discretion of our Program Leaders, and take place in safe, comfortable areas that are well known by the group (such as a homestay community if applicable).


You may find yourself traveling differently on our programs than you are normally accustomed to at home. In many ways this is another fun and exciting way to truly immerse yourself in local customs. While these transportation methods differ from country to country, we ensure that every participant is safe and comfortable while traveling on our programs. Whether you are traveling by plane, train, bus, or tuk-tuk, our in-country staff around the world have thoroughly vetted our transportation providers and have carefully chosen the most trusted services available as our partners.