Our travelers are provided opportunities for fundraising which are easy and fun to implement and take part in. We offer a free Fundraising Guide to help you explore new sources of funding.

How to Fundraise With Us

Pablo’s Coffee – Local, Fair Trade, Bird Friendly Coffee

The Walking Tree Blend is our exclusive and carefully crafted blend of Smithsonian Bird Friendly® coffees sourced from small family-owned farms throughout our host countries. Carrying the Smithsonian Bird Friendly® seal, this coffee is 100% organic and shade-grown coffee certified. It’s great for birds, and for people!

The price of the coffee is $20 per 12oz bag of whole bean coffee. For each $20 bag sold, $10 goes to supporting Pablo’s coffee farmers and $10 goes towards the traveler’s tuition.

How to get started:
  1. Download Order Form and Fundraising 101
  2. Place your order online by CLICKING HERE
  3. Walking Tree credits your account with $10 for every bag sold and mails all products to your home address
  4. Sell products and collect payments

We find that it is easiest and most effective to purchase bags of coffee in advance and be able to sell the bags in real time to family, friends and others. That being said, you are also able to collect orders and payments first, then order them to be delivered and distribute them afterwards.

Fundraiser Notes

This document contains important details about our fundraising opportunities. Please read this before you start selling.

Fundraising 101 Guide

This is a general guide to fundraising, which includes valuable ideas, tips, and advice on a variety of fundraising strategies beyond our standard coffee fundraising.

Coffee Order Form

Optional. This form contains the product description and contact information you will need to start selling today. You may have friends and family fill out this form in advance of purchasing so you can track and plan your coffee purchase, or you can skip the form and order in advance to sell them in real time.