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Coffee Fundraiser

Fair Trade. Shade Grown. Carbon Neutral. Organic.

Walking Tree Travel is proud to team up with Grounds for Change, a family-owned and operated coffee roasting business, to offer 12oz bags of ground coffee from a cooperative of women coffee farmers in Northeastern Peru. There is no limit to the amount you can earn, so the sooner you can start, the better. We believe that every student who has the curiosity and drive to travel internationally should have access to quality fund raising opportunities.

How Much Can I Earn? 

$15 per bag


$8 goes to Coffee Provider


$7 goes to you

How to Get Started


Download this Order Form to help you keep track of your customers and how many bags each person has ordered. This form is for your records only.


Pre purchase coffee to sell directly to your supporters
Have your supporters sign up to purchase coffee prior to placing your coffee order.


Create an account and enter your order and payment details through the Grounds For Change Payment Portal.


Wait for coffee to arrive within two weeks of ordering and deliver to your supporters.


Keep the remaining proceeds from your coffee sales to offset your tuition and travel expenses!


Please email with any questions. 

Fundraising FAQs

The coffee fundraiser is administered directly by Grounds for Change. Please email with any questions about delivery, pricing, placing an order, or your account with Grounds for Change.



Our fundraiser is open only to people traveling on a Walking Tree Program or those supporting said traveler. As long as you are enrolled on a program or are planning on enrolling in a program, you can start selling coffee any time.

You sell each bag of coffee for $15 but only pay Grounds for Change $8 for that same bag. The $7 profit from each sale is your's to keep and help offset the program tuition or to have as spending money during travel.  The amount raised does not need to be reported to Walking Tree, as the relationship is between the traveler and Grounds for Change, the coffee provider. This is to ensure the smoothest process for the traveler and allow all funds to be divided between the coffee provider and the traveler. 

Yes, the minimal order size for free shipping is 15 bags. Orders under 15 bags incur a $5.95 shipping fee, which is applied at checkout on the Grounds for Change Payment Link. You can place as many orders as you like.

HELPFUL HINT: We find that it is easiest and most effective to purchase bags of coffee in advance and be able to sell the bags in real time to family, friends and others. Alternately, you are also able to collect orders and payments first, then order them to distribute to your supporters after they are delivered to you.

The coffee is delivered to a single address per order, which is normally the travelers home address or the address of a supporter ordering more than 15 bags at once. The traveler is responsible for distributing the coffee to their supporters.

The coffee takes between 7-14 days for delivery by USPS. For orders received in December, there could be a delay into January, depending on demand.

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