Learn about the difference between custom group travel and open enrollment programs, as well as our core areas of focus on this page.

Custom Group Travel

Custom Group Travel

We partner with schools and educators to create dynamic programs to destinations around the world. In order to provide our participants with a unique, adventurous, and safe experience the SSA team will work closely with the Group Organizer to custom-tailor the itinerary to each group’s needs, interests, and classroom goals.

Open Enrollment Travel

Open Enrollment Travel

Open Enrollment programs are open to individual high school students (ages 14-18) who are interested in traveling with other students from across the country. Candidates are accepted based on the strength of their application and teacher references, which are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Program Focuses*



Our Conservation Expeditions invite students to participate in scientific research projects, learn about diverse ecosystems, and lend a hand in community-based biodiversity conservation efforts.


Cultural Journeys provide deep insight into the history, culture, and natural heritage of our host countries through true immersive experiences. Students will explore ancient ruins, sample new foods, and develop valuable leadership skills.


Service Adventures combine genuine homestays, adventure travel, and meaningful service projects. Students will be truly immersed in our host communities allowing them the time to reflect on their complex and important role as global citizens.

* These three program focuses are not mutually exclusive, and many of our programs combine elements from all of these areas. Connect with us to let us know which aspects of each program type interest you, and we will create a customized program itinerary that fits your needs and goals.