Our programs are designed to provide fun, safe, and meaningful programs for our travelers. In order to achieve this goal, it is important that we create an environment of trust, security and respect. All individuals participating in our programs are required to take responsibility for their actions and adhere to a high standard of behavioral conduct. Any of the following are grounds for early dismissal or in-country consequences at our discretion.

Absolute Dismissal

  • ┬áPossessing, consuming or distributing alcohol or illegal drugs.
  • Associating with participants while they are in possession of, or are consuming, or distributing alcohol or illegal drugs.
  • Behaving in a way that consistently damages the group dynamic or jeopardizes personal or group safety.
  • This includes consistently displaying a negative attitude, intimidating or excluding other participants, sneaking out, disobeying group leaders, and any other behavior that is not conducive to an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect.

Grounds for Dismissal or In-Country Consequence

  • Getting a piercing or tattoo.
  • Stealing, or deliberately damaging or defacing any personal property, buildings or materials.
  • Threatening physical or emotional harm, or brandishing a weapon.
  • Possessing, consuming, or distributing tobacco or nicotine, including vape pens.
  • Riding mopeds, motorcycles, or any other type of unauthorized vehicle.
  • Being out of designated area or accommodations after curfew.
  • Breaking group rules.

These standards of behavior are essential for the successful completion of a travel program. Please take the time to review these rules as a family and make sure everyone understands and agrees to them before choosing to travel on one of our programs.