Global Sustainability Activities – Post-Program

Activity 8: Stay Connected and Keep Exploring

How It Works

Walking Tree is proud to support the alumni of our programs, helping you to take the next steps towards becoming a successful global leader after your time abroad. Stay connected with us as you continue on you journey and pursue your passions! We are always happy to provide letters of recommendation showcasing your achievements on your program, or connect you to others in our network who might have similar interests, areas of study, or advice.

We love to help catalyze and connect our travelers to resources and organizations which can help you explore your interests. There are many opportunities and networks out there just waiting for you to join their cause and share in their mission.

How You Do It

Take Away Points

  • We rely on you as a part of our community to continue our mission of global citizenship and sustainability. Stay in touch with us, and we are happy to support you in your future endeavors.
  • There are so many opportunities and organizations out there who are doing the work you dream of right now. You don't always need to start your own movement to make a difference, just connect with others who have the same passion and goals you do!