Global Sustainability Activities – Post-Program

Activity 5: What Now? Returning from Abroad

How It Works

This video offers some great ideas about how to continue building upon your experience abroad after you return home. While the video is aimed at those who have recently “volunteered” abroad, the advice is just as good for anyone (like you) who has just explored a new culture and returned with new knowledge and skills!

How You Do It

  • Watch the video Returning From Your Volunteering Experience.
  • Based on the suggestions in the video, and adding your own ideas if you have them, write down TWO goals for how you plan to stay involved and expand your impact now that you’ve returned home.
  • Think about and write down at least ONE way that you’d like to alter your life at home now that you’ve had an experience abroad.

Take Away Points

  • Your abroad experience was amazing, we hope, but it is really just the beginning in your journey to becoming an active global citizen and sustainable leader.
  • It is up to you to spread the ideas you have learned and experienced with your friends and family who aren’t able to have the same experience abroad. You must be the catalyst for change in your community and beyond!