Global Sustainability Activities – Post-Program

Activity 1: Starting Your Service Resume and Joining Your Local UN Chapter

How It Works

Students will become student members of the United Nations Association of the USA (UNA-USA) and start to build their Service Resume through the UNA-USA and InnerView Technologies mobile app, putting them on the path towards earning a National Community Service Award and becoming active volunteers in their community.

How You Do It

  • Go to and fill out the information to sign up for UNA-USA membership. This will help you connect with your local UNA-USA Chapter and your local University/High School Chapter.
  • Go to and create an InnerView profile to track your service progress.

Take Away Points

  • Besides the great work you’ve done with Walking Tree and for the global environment, these activities are great ways to build your resume and college application.
  • You should already be well on your way to earning a nationally recognized service award! Make sure to talk with your teachers about how you can continue to build your service profile.