Global Sustainability Activities – Post-Program

Activity 7: Mapping Out Your Change

How It Works

Students will be asked to look back at the lessons they’ve learned over the course of the activities and map out how they plan on being better global sustainable citizens.

How You Do It

  • Re-watch the video and think about how your role as a global sustainable leader.
  • Download and print out the Mapping Out Your Changes Worksheet.
  • Reflecting on the activities you took part in over the course of the program. How do you plan on implementing changes to your everyday life to become a more responsible, more sustainable global citizen?

Take Away Points

  • As cliche as it may sound, change begins with YOU. While you can’t be away traveling the world forever, there are still many things you can do to make a positive impact on the environment, as well as influence others to do the same. Writing out how you’ll personally help make a positive impact is an important step.