Global Leadership Curriculum – Post-Program Activities

Activity 6: Stay Connected

How It Works

Walking Tree is proud to support the alumni of our programs, helping you to take the next steps towards becoming a successful global leader after your program. Our Alumni network offers opportunities for you to stay involved with our close-knit travel community, whether that means volunteering together on a Local Service Day, becoming a Junior Program Leader, or earning travel discounts by referring friends and family.

How You Do It

  • Visit our Long-Term Support webpage by clicking on the arrow in the lower right-hand corner.
  • Look through each of the sections on the page to learn more about how you can stay involved and help us continue to expand our network of global citizens and travelers.
  • Have an idea for a Local Service Day in your community? Email us at [email protected] so we can spread the word!

Take Away Points

  • We rely on you as a part of our community to help us continue our mission of inspiring and supporting global leaders. Stay in touch with us, and we are happy to support you in your future endeavors whether that be writing recommendation letters, collaborating on community projects, or traveling together once again!