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Post Program Activity 1: Reflecting and Reacting

This reflection activity will encourage you to think back on how your perspective may have changed throughout your time abroad, and will help you understand how you have grown. This is also a great way to start processing the many emotions that occur after an experience abroad.

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Post Program Activity 2: What Now?

This video offers some great advice about how to continue building upon your experience abroad after you return home. While the video is aimed at those who have recently “volunteered” abroad, the ideas are just as good for anyone (like you) who has just explored a new culture and returned with fresh knowledge and skills!

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Post Program Activity 3: Telling the Story

This activity will walk you through reflection on your experience abroad, and asks you to think about how you will articulate and demonstrate those experiences to a potential college or employer.

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Post Program Activity 4: Learning Before Serving

In this engaging video, Daniela Papi tells her story to explain how volunteering can go wrong if it’s not done the right way. We know that even good intentions in service abroad, or in any community, can be ineffective or even cause harm. Daniela inspires the next generation of leaders (you!) to learn, first and foremost, before trying to serve and solve problems.

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Post Program Activity 5: Social Action Challenge

Now that you have an understanding of what it means to be a global leader, and hopefully feel a responsibility to make a positive impact in your local community, it is time for you to take action. We encourage you to make a change or get involved in a way that will contribute to your community and start you on your path towards being a responsible global leader.

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Post Program Activity 6: Stay Connected

Walking Tree is proud to support the alumni of our programs, helping you to take the next steps towards becoming a successful global leader after you return home. Our Alumni network offers opportunities for you to stay involved with our close-knit travel community, whether that means volunteering together on one of our Local Service Days, becoming a Junior Program Leader, or earning free travel by referring friends and family.

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