Global Leadership Activities – Pre-Program

Activity 6: Learning Service

How It Works

When traveling to other countries, we do not always realize our own personal development is connected with global development. Through this video, you will be introduced to the idea that you can responsibly “do good” in the world by learning before acting.

How You Do It

  • After watching, think about the video's emphasis on the importance of learning from others, being open minded, and acting with intention while abroad.
  • Reflect and write down your thoughts on the following questions:
    • How do you think your personal development connected to global development?
    • What goals do you have for personal and global development during your time abroad?
    • What are some of the assumptions you might already be making about your host culture?
    • What knowledge and skills do you think are necessary to learn before volunteering abroad?

Take Away Points

  • Be ready to listen and learn during your time abroad.
  • We should always be gathering knowledge and challenging assumptions.
  • We must always be thinking about importance of our knowledge, skills, and attitudes when making a positive impact.