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GL Activity 1: Citizen of the World

This activity will encourage you to think about becoming active global citizens. The motivational video entitled “What Does it Mean to be a Citizen of the World?” by Hugh Evans is meant to inspire us to continually think about ourselves as citizens of the world, not just members of one single country or culture.

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GL Activity 2: What Do You See?

This activity show us the gap between our perceptions and reality, and demonstrates the ways that our point of view is shaped in part by our background. It should spark your curiosity and help you begin to develop cultural self-awareness as you reflect on how your perspective may differ from others.

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GL Activity 3: Describe, Interpret, Analyze

This activity will ask you to think about the difference between describing, interpreting, and evaluating in a given situation. This exercise should help you appreciate the distinction between what we actually see (description), the layers of meaning that we add (interpretation), and our value judgments (analysis).

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GL Activity 4: Your Cultural Identity

Building on the preceding activities, you will further explore the idea that your perspectives are shaped by your life experiences and personal cultural identity. This will prepare you to start recognizing and appreciating cultural differences in others.

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GL Activity 6: Learning Service

When traveling to other countries, we do not always realize our own personal development is connected with global development. Through this video, you will be introduced to the idea that you can responsibly “do good” in the world by learning before acting.

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GL Activity 5: What’s Up with the Nacirema?

Reading about this fascinating culture will give you a better understanding of what culture means and how it can be viewed from multiple perspectives.

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