2022 Charlottesville Japan Cultural Journey

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Dear Families, Friends, and Travelers – Welcome to the 2022 Charlottesville Japan Cultural Journey!  We have created two webpages dedicated to this once in a lifetime experience so that you are as informed as possible. This first page, the Pre-Enrollment page, is meant to share exciting details, highlights, and pertinent info that participants will want to know before enrolling. Once registered, the Post-Enrollment page is intended to prepare travelers for participation on the adventure ahead. Please be sure to review the information thoroughly and get excited for all Japan has to offer!!
Travel Dates: June 1, 2022 - June 14, 2022
Dates are tentative until flights are secured
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Program Tuition: $4,490 USD
Airfare not included in program tuition
Estimated Airfare: $1,100
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Program Tuition: $4,490

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Japan Cultural Journey

This island nation, situated in the Pacific Ocean along the “Ring of Fire” tectonic hot-zone, offers everything from high-rise cities and imperial palaces to snow-capped mountains and bamboo forests. This destination is perfect for those who want a mix of urban exploration and rural adventure, since you’ll experience plenty of both throughout your time in this diverse country. Soak up every moment of the neon skyscrapers and unique pop culture of Tokyo city, all the while being immersed in authentic Japanese culture and history first hand. Get a taste of Japan’s traditional tea ceremony, make your own local cuisine in a cooking class, and try your hand at short-story animation when you sketch and produce your own short film! Japan offers the experience of a lifetime for anyone with an appreciation for both the natural world and human history.

Cultural Journeys

Cultural Journeys

Cultural Journeys allow travelers to gain insights into the heritage, history and modern realities of their destination by offering a broad diversity of experience. We rely on the expertise of our local staff to plan itineraries which not only explore the prominent sites but also make time for the lesser-known local gems and are intentional about regular interaction with local people.

Program Highlights

Check out some of the featured experiences of your program!

Have the adventure of a lifetime with your friends

Try your hand at creating anime

Take a bullet train to Hiroshima

Walk through the Harajuku District of Tokyo

Experience some of most iconic parts of Kyoto

Explore Akihabara Electric Town

The Itinerary

We do everything possible to run safe, engaging, and immersive programs for our travelers and given the unpredictable nature of international travel we must remain flexible in our planning. Changes to a schedule are uncommon but, we reserve the right to adjust programming in the best interest of the group. 

1USA - TokyoToday the group will depart from the US to Tokyo, Japan.Airplane
2TokyoSay konnichiwa to your program leader, your expert on all things Japan and your travel partner for the duration of the program. At your hotel, throw on a yukata robe, pour a cup of green tea, and put your feet up to relax after a long day of travel. But don't relax too much! Before long we’ll be off to enjoy our first meal in the Land of the Rising Sun.Super Hotel Tokyo
3TokyoRise early and greet the day at the Toyosu Outer Market, a sensory stimulating visit filled with entertaining sights, sounds and smells. Toyosu is a window into Japan's fishing, cooking, and dining heritage. Put your newfound seafood knowledge to use at a sushi making class. Your instructors are sushi experts and teacher for many sushi chefs in the area. You'll sample a huge range of Japan's signature dish, and learn how to tell the difference between different types of sushi and sashimi. After lunch, we'll visit the Sumo museum (Ryogoku Kokugikan) and the impressive Tokyo Edo museum. Learn about feudal Japan and the evolution of Japanese culture over time.Super Hotel Tokyo
4TokyoLearn the ins and outs of Japan's biggest cultural export and try your hand at manga, Japanese comics. Become your own story writer and illustrator. In no time you’ll have created your own comic and be ready for publishing. This afternoon we'll check out Asakusa, home to the Sensō-ji, a famous Buddhist Temple. This evening we'll hit up a karaoke lounge which is a quintessentially Japanese experience and one that you'll remember for a lifetime!Super Hotel Tokyo
5KawakuchikoBright and early we'll head to Kawakuchiko at Yamanashi. Just 2 hours drive outside of Tokyo area. It offers a great experience of nature, onsens and endless views of Mt. Fuji. We’ll visit flower parks with owls flying around, a dairy farm for some authentic soft cream, and visit the ninja village for an unfogettable experience. End the day by taking a well-deserved break from all the movement by relaxing in an Onsen, a traditional Japanese spa.Super Hotel Tokyo
6TokyoPass through the Meiji Shrine's sacred torii, a gateway to Japan's traditional architecture, and head to the colorful Oriental Bazaar in the Harajuku District, the heart of Japan's dynamic fashion scene. You'll get a firsthand perspective on Japanese pop culture from your leader as he or she guides you through Harajuku's hidden backstreets. After lunch we'll visit the infamous TeamLab at Odaiba City; a modern art exhibition seeks to navigate art, science, techonology, design, culture, and the natural world. Enjoy "En Tea house" for an experience of digital flowers blooming inside of your tea cups. Next, we will enjoy some solo time exploring the malls, Fuji Tv building and the Statue of Liberty. Be sure to grab some pictures in front of the life-size Gundam statue before we take a trip back into the Edo era at the Oedo Onsen Monogatari.Super Hotel Tokyo
7KamakuraIn the morning, we will lace up our hiking shoes and explore the Japanese countryside. We explore the Zen temples along the Daibutsu Hiking trail. In the afternoon, we will visit Daibutsu, the second largest bronze Buddha in Japan. End the day by taking a well-deserved break from all the movement by relaxing on the beach for a picnic.Super Hotel Tokyo
8Tokyo- HiroshimaSay "Sayōnara" to Tokyo and depart for Hiroshima. We will be traveling on a Japanese bullet train, which will cut down our travel time from nine hours of driving to 4.5 hours through the countryside! Once in Hiroshima, we will go out for an evening of Japanese hot pot for dinner while preparing for our visit to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park with an orientation and overview of the history of the city.Urbain Hiroshima Central
9HiroshimaToday, we will visit to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, which contains a museum, the remnants of buildings destroyed by the 1945 atomic bomb and monuments to the people killed by this nuclear attack. Then we will visit the famous Hiroshima Castle, followed by the downtown district and Shukenin, one of Japan's most famous gardens.Urbain Hiroshima Central
10HiroshimaWe'll also make our way to Miyajima, known for Itsukushima Shrine’s giant Tori Gate which appears to float on top of the water. We will end the day with solo time and reflection on the previous days activities.Urbain Hiroshima Central
11Hiroshima- KyotoWe will travel to Kyoto, the former capital of Japan for over 1000 years, to learn about the temples, castles, and districts that make this one of the most beautiful cities in the world. We will stretch our legs by taking an early evening tour of Gion, one of the oldest areas in Kyoto made famous by its old wooden teahouses where practicing Geisha and other artists can still be seen in the neighborhood.Kyoto Ryokan Style Hotel
12KyotoStart the day with a bus tour exploring the Kinkaku-ji, or Golden Pavilion as well as several other iconic sites in Kyoto. In the afternoon, we will visit a handicraft center and learn how to create traditional Japanese crafts from skilled artisans.Kyoto Ryokan Style Hotel
13Kyoto - TokyoIn the morning, take the bullet train back to Tokyo. Once there, you'll be blown away by the neon lights of Akihabara Electric Town, a district devoted entirely to electronics, video games, manga, and anime. Enjoy visiting Akihabara's jam-packed shops, where you can supposedly buy any electronic device ever made. Stop for dessert at a local cafe. On your last evening in Japan, we're off to the ballpark to cheer for the home team at a baseball stadium. We'll also enjoy our final dinner together before our international flight the following morning.Super Hotel Tokyo
14Tokyo - USAFly homeYour own bed!


In order to provide a safe and memorable experience, we follow strict guidelines when choosing program accommodations. Walking Tree partners with hotels and guest houses which are centrally located, clean and safe.  We vet and inspect the accommodations to ensure they uphold the ethos of our programs, are great values for our travelers and nice places to rest after enriching days of travel.  

Below are the accommodations we anticipate using on your trip, subject to availability. 
Urbain Hiroshima Central Hotel

Attractively located in the Hiroshima City Centre district, this modern, elegant hotel is also conveniently close to the some of the city’s main attractions. Students will be able to put on a kettle of tea and relax in slippers in their rooms between visits to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park or the Atomic Bomb Dome nearby. Free Wi-Fi access throughout the building keeps everyone feeling connected. Students will be grouped in their rooms according to gender and availability.

Super Hotel Tokyo JR Kamata Nishiguchi

Start the day here with a traditional Japanese breakfast before setting out to explore Tokyo. This clean, three star accommodation provides modern amenities and a comfortable experience for all guests. Free Wi-Fi access throughout the building keeps everyone feeling connected. Students will be grouped in their rooms according to gender and availability.

Hotel WBF Kyoto Toji

Hotel WBF Kyoto Toji will be home sweet home during our time in Kyoto. The hotel’s central location will allow us to move easily around Kyoto. Japanese and western style breakfast is provided along with Wifi. Students will be split by gender in double, triple or quadruple rooms.

Safety and Support


Thank you for giving my son a memorable lifetime experience. [There was] constant contact with the parents with updates and photos to ensure us about the students’ safety and that they were doing well. [The Program Leader] and the teachers were outstanding. Couldn’t have had anyone else better to do the job than they have done.

Parent of Benjamin, traveler on Costa Rica Service Adventure

Your Adventure Includes

Estimated Airfare

In order to give our travelers the best possible price, we break out airfare from the Program Tuition. We will still handle all booking and ticketing via our flight partner who has access to special fares not available to the general public. Once confirmed, you will be invoiced for the flight roughly 75 days prior to travel. 

Program Tuition Excludes: Travel insurance, baggage fees, passport/visa fees, laundry, souvenirs, and activities not listed on itinerary.


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