2021 Winter Wonderland Program

Dear Families, Friends, and Travelers – Welcome to the 2021 Winter Wonderland Program!   You are currently on the Pre-Enrollment page, the purpose of which is to share exciting highlights and important info that participants will want to know before signing up. If you enroll, you'll begin using the Post-Enrollment page which offers a greater level of detail.  Please be sure to review the information thoroughly and get excited for the Galapagos Islands!!
Travel Dates: July 5, 2021 - July 16, 2021
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Program Tuition: $50 USD
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Confirmed Airfare: $120
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Program Tuition: $50

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Galapagos Conservation Expedition

Dense Amazonian rainforest, snow-capped Andean peaks, volcanic islands and raging rivers. Ecuador is a place of terrifically varied wonders, but for many the most magical are the Galapagos Islands.

From Quito, you’ll fly to the islands and begin to explore this remarkable archipelago full of different landscapes and wildlife including sea turtles, marine iguanas, blue footed boobies, giant tortoises, albatrosses, frigate birds and more. Participants will have the opportunity to practice Spanish, learn from local conservation organizations, snorkel with abundant marine life, and hike active volcanoes, all the while learning about what makes these islands so special.

Conservation Expeditions

Conservation Expeditions

Conservation Expeditions bring travelers to the heart of the modern-day conservation movement. Whether building nurseries for sea turtle hatchlings in Costa Rica, snorkeling alongside sea lions in the Galapagos or teaching local school children in Thailand about the importance of wild elephants to their ecosystem, these trips make the wonders of our world, and our responsibility to protect them, abundantly apparent.

Program Highlights

Check out some of the featured experiences of your program!

Volunteer with local scientists to assist in critical conservation efforts

Relax and unwind on picturesque white sand beaches

Hike an active volcano

Explore the extensive wildlife in Floreana

Enjoy full-day snorkeling expeditions

Contribute towards an environmental service project

The Itinerary

We do everything possible to run safe, engaging, and immersive programs for our travelers and given the unpredictable nature of international travel we must remain flexible in our planning. Changes to a schedule are uncommon but, we reserve the right to adjust programming in the best interest of the group. 

June 20USA - QuitoFly from the USA to Quito and transfer to hotel in Tababela, a suburb of the Ecuador's capitol with a beautiful night view of this glittering metropolis. We'll rest up after our long journey -- you'll need your energy for the upcoming adventure through the islands!Hosteria Airport Garden
June 21Quito - Galapagos (Santa Cruz Island)Today we fly 600 miles over the Pacific Ocean to reach the Galapagos Islands. After landing in Baltra, we will take a ferry across the Itabaca Channel and experience a variety of ecosystems as we drive to Puerto Ayora. Here, we will have our first of many delicious meals on the islands before driving up into the misty highlands to our research station. Upon arrival, we'll have an orientation before eating dinner and retreating to our tents.Pajaro Brujo Reserve
June 22Santa CruzToday, we dive into our volunteer work with local scientists. We'll receive an expert lecture in the morning, then get into the field to lend a hand on a research project or conservation effort. Projects can range from tracking wild giant tortoises, to biodiversity surveys, to working on a restorative ecology project for endemic plant species. More details on your project will be laid out in the weeks prior to your departure. In the afternoon, we'll go to the beautiful Garrapatero beach, then return to our research station for a campfire and dinner.Pajaro Brujo Reserve
June 23Santa CruzBy morning, we will continue our volunteer work with local researchers. We then descend from the highlands to the sea to learn more about the life of a Galapagos local in the islands' most populated town. We will have some time to explore on our own here, practice our Spanish, or simply watch the sharks and sea lions swim off the dock and the fishermen clean their catch at the local fish market. Dinner in Puerto Ayora.Palmeras Hotel
June 24Santa CruzIn the morning we will visit the Charles Darwin Research Station, where we will learn directly from researchers about the islands unique wildlife and the threats it faces. We'll see land iguanas, lava lizards, and several species of giant tortoise. If we're lucky, we may get to see behind the scenes of this word famous research institute and visit special biological collections. In the afternoon, we will go sea kayaking through mangroves, grottoes, and waves, looking for sea lions, blue-footed boobies, and sea turtles.Palmeras Hotel
June 25Santa Cruz - Isabela IslandWe'll take a speedboat over to Isabela Island, settle into our hotel, and have lunch in the seaside port town of Villamil. We'll hike to see marine iguanas basking in the sun, and sea lions frolicking in the waves. In the afternoon, we'll have some time to journal, reflect, and explore the town.Concha Perla Hotel
June 26IsabelaToday is our most challenging adventure yet. We'll hike up to the rim of Sierra Negra, the second largest caldera in the world and an active volcano. We'll see firsthand the geological processes that shaped these islands, and spot wildlife on the way. We'll retreat to a locally-run camp in the highlands where we'll see giant tortoises being cared for.Campo Duro
June 27IsabelaDescend to sea level again, settle into our hotel, and go snorkeling in one of the best spots in the world. In the afternoon, we'll rent mountain bikes and explore nearby lagoons, as well as visit a giant tortoise breeding center run by the National Park.Concha Perla Hotel
June 28IsabelaToday we will spend a full day snorkeling through lava tunnels amongst a stunning array of marine life. Our local guide will explain the significance of the Galapagos as an oasis for marine species, and we'll see the evidence firsthand. It's not uncommon to see blue-footed boobies, green sea turtles, and sharks as we glide over beds of anemonies and corals.Concha Perla Hotel
June 29Isabela - Santa Cruz - QuitoWe'll make our return journey from the islands to the mountainous region of Ecuador. In the afternoon, we'll visit some of the most impressive sites in Quito before having a final dinner overlooking the city.Hosteria Airport Garden
June 30Quito - USAThis morning we will head to the airport to catch our international flight home.Your own bed!


In order to provide a safe and memorable experience, we follow strict guidelines when choosing program accommodations. Walking Tree partners with hotels and guest houses which are centrally located, clean and safe.  We vet and inspect the accommodations to ensure they uphold the ethos of our programs, are great values for our travelers and nice places to rest after enriching days of travel.  

Below are the accommodations we anticipate using on your trip, subject to availability. 
Hosteria Airport Garden

Hosteria Airport Garden is 3-star hotel  located a short drive from the international airport in Quito. Accommodations are clean, comfortable and modern, and there’s a pool!

Campo Duro

Campo Duro is a camping area near the Sierra Negra Volcano. This camp site offers a unique take on adventure and accommodations. Tents and bathrooms are separated by gender.  Campo Duro practices ecological tourism with solar panels to heat their water.



Hotel Palm Garden Galapagos

The Hotel Palm Garden Galapagos offers clean, comfortable and spacious rooms for guests. Each room can house 2-3 students per room. Some of the amenities include a pool on site, free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, hot water and group sitting areas around the property. Students will be grouped in their rooms according to gender and availability.

Safety and Support


Lovett’s trip to Morocco was a once in a lifetime trip for a lot of our students. It was great to hear how the students raved about the trip to their parents upon return. Overall a wonderful trip that the students and staff loved!

Group Organizer on Morocco Service Adventure

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In order to give our travelers the best possible price, we break out airfare from the Program Tuition. We will still handle all booking and ticketing via our flight partner who has access to special fares not available to the general public. Once confirmed, you will be invoiced for the flight roughly 75 days prior to travel. 

Program Tuition Excludes: Travel insurance, baggage fees, passport/visa fees, laundry, souvenirs, and activities not listed on itinerary.


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