Global Sustainability Activities – Pre-Program

Activity 5: Citizen Science - How We Can All Contribute

How It Works

Here you will learn about the importance of data collection in scientific projects, as well as the concept and practice of citizen collaborative science.

How You Do It

  • Watch the three videos in the sequence from 60 second adventures in collaborative science
  • Visit the Zooniverse website and explore the site to learn about the various citizen science projects that everyday citizens can contribute towards.
  • In your observation notebook, write down 3 things that surprised you, interested you, or confused you.

Take Away Points

  • This activity serves as an example of how important, and overwhelming, data can be for a single scientific project. Your work with different scientific groups in your Walking Tree program will help these groups collect important data for their environmental research and projects.
  • The title “scientist” does not have to be limited to the professionals in lab coats.