Virtual Programming in Action

Travel with experts in cross-cultural engagement, from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Your students can explore authentic language and cultural experiences until international group travel resumes.

Enhance your future travel plans and extend the experience. Join us.

We believe that authentic cross-cultural experiences can inspire students to become positive actors in their local and global communities.
In a year when traditional travel cannot be realized , Walking Tree continues to provide valuable opportunities for students to find inspiration by exploring the world around them through a carefully crafted virtual curriculum.

Language Immersion. Cultural Engagement. At-Home Activities.

We believe these experiences prepare students for success as global citizens and leaders.

Whether exploring the streets of Mexico City or writing a pen pal in Costa Rica, students learn best when they connect their classroom knowledge to real world experiences and people.

Educational experiences designed with both teachers and students in mind.



When you enroll in our courses, you will be granted access to dynamic virtual experiences only available through Walking Tree and its partners.



Group health and safety is our highest priority. Our virtual programming allows students to participate in meaningful experiences from the safety and comfort of their own homes.



It’s free! Travel the world on a shoestring budget by engaging in cultural activities at no cost to the student.



Use the foundation of these courses and consider combining it with a future program when travel resumes. Students can revisit the course and destination of their choice up until, and even after, the travel experience is realized.



Bring it to life and connect with peers abroad. Our curriculum facilitates cross-cultural activities that give students opportunities to form relationships as they would in person.



Achieve the impossible and be everywhere at once. Virtual programming allows students to see and experience more destinations than would be possible on an in-person program.


Divided into different sections, our Virtual Programming begins by getting students familiar with the topic. The prep activities provide the basic knowledge you need and get you in the right mindset for the following activities. These include watching documentaries, reading articles, visiting websites and more.
Once you are familiar with the topic you will learn first hand from Walking Tree Travel's in-country partners and friends. WTT's resources will help you get a local's perspective on each topic. These activities may include virtual tours, academic lectures with professionals on the ground, interviews and more.
Now that you’ve learned everything you need to know, it’s time to put that knowledge in action. To finish off each section you will complete a hands-on activity. These include dance lessons, cooking classes, character calligraphy lessons, workshops, family dinners and more.


Discover Latin America

In this course, students will explore this incredibly diverse and vibrant region through workshops, virtual tours, discussion boards and at-home activities. The course highlights food, people, music, places and language as a means to familiarize oneself with the region and understand it more critically. Click the link below to get a preview of the course and which activities are included!

Conservation in Action

In this course, students will immerse themselves in the world of sustainability by learning about conservation efforts from around the world and applying them in their own communities. The course includes lectures from scientists in the field, lessons about various at-risk flora and fauna, and activities to design and implement conservation in action.

"Our students grew immeasurably with each authentic, meaningful experience, and we chaperones were able to really focus on the education and care of our students."

Brooke M. (Principal, Spanish Teacher, and Veteran Educator Partner)

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