Hi! I'm Sammy the Sloth. 

First of all, I want to extend a huge THANK YOU from the entire Walking Tree Community for all that you do as an educator! We know how busy teachers are and really appreciate that you make time to value international travel. We have developed a rewards program for teachers to help express our gratitude.

Below is an outline of the rewards you can earn if you travel with us for the first time, or refer another educator to organize travel with us.

Travel With Us and Earn Rewards

When you travel with Walking Tree, you are becoming a part of our community of like-minded educators who believe in the transformative power of travel. In addition to our personalized support throughout the travel process, we value your time and energy in creating an unforgettable experience for your students and want to show our support through the below rewards.

$1000 Program Stipend

Organize your inaugural program with us, and we will send you $1000 cash to be used to enhance your travel experience in any way you see fit!

Free Travel

For every 8 students you recruit, one group organizer travels for free on your program.

Are you interested in traveling with us? Take the first step and schedule a call with one of our Founders below. 

Refer an Educator, Earn $1000. Or a Sloth.

We rely on our community to spread the word about our unique programs and philosophy toward travel.  If you have a friend, colleague, or know of an educator who might be interested in organizing an impactful travel program for their students, please connect us! Not only will they be grateful that you told them about this opportunity, but we will send you a $1000 referral bonus if they end up traveling on a program with us.

Thank you for helping support our mission of creating the next generation of Global Citizens.

$1000 Referral Bonus

For any educator or group organizer you refer who organizes a program with us, we will send you a $1000 referral bonus upon completion of their program.

Sammy the Sloth Stuffed Animal

For every three educators you refer in the form below, we will send you a free gift, regardless of whether they organize a program with us!

Please complete the referral form below to be eligible for the $1000 Referral Bonus or to earn a Sammy the Sloth. We encourage you to refer multiple people, as there is no limit to your earning potential!