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Blog 2: Guadalupe

Today we woke up, got ready, and ate a wonderful breakfast. Some people had a traditional American breakfast of eggs and bacon, while others had rice, beans, and fruit. We then walked down to the front of the school where we are working at. Once everyone was there they oppened the gate and we got to it. We made concrete, scraped and deep cleaned brick walls, poured the concrete, and moved large scraps from the greenhouse. After around 2 hours we went across the street and a kind neighbor invited us to pick mangoes from his yard. Then we walked to a soccer field and played games with kids from around the area and afterwards ate pizza and ice cream. After that we came back to the school and finished the same jobs. It was very tiring but also enjoyable. Once the rain hit we hung out under a covered structure, listened to live music, played basketball, and recapped our day. Then we got picked up by our host families and ended the day. Was a great a day.

– Brennen

Blog 1

The day before today we had gone on 2 plane rides and after went to a hotel to eat pizza and talk about the trip. Today we woke up to birds singing and beautiful views. We ate a good breakfast and left the hotel to go too our host families houses. It was a long bus ride but the views were
gorgeous so it was worth it.

We saw the first restaurant in Central America, and come cool buildings when we were in San José and we also got to see the city from up high a little later. We saw the valley from up high which was cool because they had lots of jungle with different plants and mountains. We also saw the highes village in Costa Rica. We went really high up when we were on the bus, highest we went to was about 1100 feet. Near the end of the bus ride we went to this cow farm that made cheese. Most of us milked a cow so that was cool, and some even tried the milk straight from the cow, one student even said, “”It tastes like milk from a Starbucks steamer” We also feed milk to a one month old cow which was soo cute. After that we got a tour of how they make cheeses, a story of how they started making cheese, and we got to try some! Al of it was really cool I enjoyed it a lot.

– Cleo