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Blog 8

Written by Alec R.
Today we mostly did beach stuff. I wanted to make a challenge to do a very good juggle circle and thought that would be fun. Today I also learned how to do a bicycle kick and I got winded. We also played soccer on the beach and it was loads of fun.

Written by Roberto P.
First we started out going rafting which was so much fun. The hardest part about it was trying not to fall out but it was impossible for my friends and I. Along the way we learned many cool things like different species names and saw many interesting landmarks. After that it was the end of the day and we got to chill at the hot springs for the rest of the afternoon. We went from pool to pool and even to a sauna which was relaxing. That was probably my favorite day in Costa Rica.

Blog 7

Written by Cole

Events Today: Today we had to wake up early to eat breakfast and head to a waterfall where we swam around and had fun for a while. After the waterfall we headed back into town to buy souvenirs and eat lunch before we went on the canopy tours. After we finished lunch we made our way up to the zip line area where we got the safety equipment and hopped on the zip line far off the ground. We went on 8 different zip lines and the 8th was by far the largest spanning about 600 meters wide and 80 meters off the ground. In addition to the zip lines we went on a “Tarzan Swing” which dropped you from a high altitude while you are hooked into a swing-like system. To end the day we spent time at the pool and then went to dinner where we eat a lot of tasty food.

Highlight: The highlight today was by far the zip lining since it was the most fun and exciting to me.
Challenge: The challenge today for me was getting on the zip line since it was very high off the ground and it was my first time.
Learned: Today I learned how to ride on a zip line safely and what different hand signals they do mean.

Blog 6

Written by Luca
I would say that the highlight of today was zip lining. It was an amazing experience flying throught the woods and exploring all theses new plants and animals. The tarzan swing was also a nice touch.
Somthing I found challenging was getting in the water at the waterfall. It was relly cold and hard to stay in for long period of time but once I got used to it I had a great time.
Somthing I learned was you have to look very thoroughly to find what you are looking for. In this context I am talking about souvenirs and gifts. Most of the stores here have the same thing but you have to explore all off them to find the right price.

Written by Emme
Today we started by hiking down tons of stairs to the waterfall where we swam in small pools, looked for unfamiliar wildlife and admired the rushing water. we went souvenir shopping and ate lunch then got to zip line and brave the Tarzan swing. Going back up the stairs from the waterfall was a bit of a challenge but we had a fun time. We have been keeping in contact with the local kids from the soccer game and we are all learning many new words from them.


Blog 5

Written by Katy
Yesterday we went rafting, it was one of my first times going then we went to the hot springs. At the hot springs there was a toilet bowl slide that was really fun besides from hitting my head on it, it was my favorite ride. Then we enjoyed a buffet where i ate 3 slices of cake.

Blog 4

Written by Daniel

Today we finished our community service- that was the most challenging part of our day. It was hard but very fun. After we finished the community service we went to go play soccer with the kids from la virgen. It was very fun to talk and play with the locals. At the end of the day I think we learned something very valuable, that is to never take things for granted and live in the moment.

Blog 3

Writen by Koa

A highlight from my day today was that we had a very good lunch. I got some very good rice, some mac&chesse, and a very well-seasoned tomato.

A challenge is that when I woke up, I could barely move and I was hot. I also was very tired even though I got good sleep. When we got to the worksite it was 98° F and I felt horrible. Then we had to work about 4 hours and that was excruciating. I ended up finding a nice shaded spot and took a nap.
Another highlight that I forgot to add, is that before my nap I found a horse and I named him OREO because he had a brown head, and white middle, and a brown butt. OREO was a sweet heart and let us pet him.
I learned to not get paint for metal on yourself because it takes long to come off.

Service Day 2: Reflection

Written by Catalina M.
Today‘s highlight was going to the pool after a hot and sweaty day. It was very relaxing after so much work. The dance class that we took was very fun but hard. It was hard to pick up the steps fast. We got to learn about the cooking in Costa Rica and we learned how to make and cook empanadas. I enjoyed eating them!

Blog 1

Written by Tae-ji R 
Today, we started our community service project. On the drive there, we stopped at a beautiful waterfall, and continued on with Costa Rican Guava, a long seedpod fruit with sweet fibers surrounding the seeds.
Coming over the top of the mountain, we were suddenly surrounded by fog. It was incredibly beautiful, and we took lots of pictures. There were cows and horses lounging on the side of the road, and as we were heading down, co steep drops down into the mountainside jungle.
One of the big jobs to do for the service project was to take the tabs off of and crush a huge pile of cans. We formed a sort of assembly line of people grabbing cans, peeling the tabs off, and throwing them to the can crushers. There was also a group of people putting the cans into bags so they could be taken to a recycling center.
For every part service project, teamwork was indispensable. I think something all of us will take away from this amazing experience (and we’re only two days in!) is that cooperation is key to pretty much everything you do, from airport security lines to painting walls and crushing cans.