Perched at the top of Africa, Morocco sits at the crossroads of history and has long attracted travelers lured by tales of exotic adventure. Today it is a country that finds itself cautiously entering the 21st century while remaining loyal to deeply traditional roots. Upon arrival, one is immediately captivated by the richness and diversity of Morocco’s people and their dress, food and languages. Whether navigating the heaving bazaar in Fez, winding your way through the narrow and serpentine medina in Marrakech, surfing the easy breaks of Essauira’s beaches, or hiking in the Rif mountains above the charming village of Chefchaouan, you're sure to be left feeling enchanted by Morocco's many charms.

We recognize the extraordinary role that meaningful international travel can play in shaping the lives of young people, and strive to create itineraries which push travelers to see themselves and the places they visit in a new and exciting light.

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Sample Itinerary

Walking Tree Travel specializes in customized group travel. The itinerary below is from a recent program and is provided here as an example of just one of many experiences that are possible in this destination.

Today the group flies from the USA to Casablanca, Morocco.


After arrival we will head straight to the Riad for check in and rest. Around noon everyone will check into their rooms and be given the time to shower and change if they desire. The group will then have lunch and be provided with a short Darija (Moroccan Arabic) course and program orientation by their program leaders! This afternoon we'll do a bit of exploring around our neighborhood before enjoying a delicious dinner.


After breakfast students will start their Moroccan adventure by visiting the Hassan II Mosque; the largest mosque in Morocco and the 13th largest in the world (its minaret is the world's tallest at 689 ft.). The walls are composed of handcrafted marble and the roof is retractable; it also stands on a promontory looking out to the Atlantic Ocean, allowing worshippers to pray over the sea. Students will take a guided tour inside the mosque and then have the chance to pair off to photograph and explore the stunning exterior architecture. Afterwards, the group will be privately transported to Meknes (4hrs drive).


After breakfast we will be transported to the Archaeological Site of Volubilis. Volubilis contains essentially Roman vestiges of a fortified municipium built on a commanding site at the foot of the Jebel Zerhoun. Covering an area of 42 hectares, it is of outstanding importance demonstrating urban development and Romanisation at the frontiers of the Roman Empire and the graphic illustration of the interface between the Roman and indigenous cultures. Because of its isolation and the fact that it had not been occupied for nearly a thousand years, it presents an important level of authenticity. It is one of the richest sites of this period in North Africa, not only for its ruins but also for the great wealth of its epigraphic evidence. Students will discover the archaeological vestiges of this site and bear witness to several civilizations. (A group reflection will be held here.) Afterwards, the group will head back to Moulay Idriss Zerhoun and take an afternoon guided tour though the old city. This holy town holds a special place in the hearts of Moroccans; it was here that Moulay Idriss I arrived in 789, bringing with him the religion of Islam, and starting a new dynasty.


After breakfast the group will be privately transported to Marrakech. The drive will be broken up by lunch in Rabat and a quick stop for students to view Hassan Tower. Upon arrival to Marrakech, dinner will be served at Nomad. Nomad is an old carpet store off the famed Rah Lakdima rooftop which offers fantastic views of the surrounding Medina.


After breakfast the students will be taken on a guided tour through Marrakech's old medina! Come afternoon everyone will have the opportunity to shop and browse through the souk. Marrakech's marketplace is the largest in Morocco and famed throughout the world as one of the most exotic places to shop. This will be the perfect time to pick up a few souvenirs and for the students to bargain with artisans in Arabic!


Mid-morning students will depart for Ourika Valley! This blooming valley a little more than 50km south of Marrakech is the city's escape hatch from the soaring summer heat. The valley is especially mood-altering in March, when almond and cherry orchards bloom manically and wildflowers run riot! The group will do a little hiking and then have picnic next to Ourika's river.


The group will depart after breakfast for Essaouira. Essaouira is a beautiful coastal city's medina is built up like a fortress from the sea and protected by 18th-century ramparts. After checking-into the Riad, everyone will walk to the main square to enjoy Moroccan mint tea on a rooftop terrace to watch the sunset and discover Essaouira!


After breakfast the group will set out for the day, starting with a local guided tour of the medina. After lunch the group will head back to their riad and regroup for their afternoon activity. Due to Essaouira's small and quaint medina, it is indefinitely the perfect setting for the students to have a scavenger hunt! This activity will give them the opportunity to interact with local artisans and use their arabic skills! Upon finishing this exercise, a reflection meeting will be held on the beach. The group will end their last day taking a camel ride down the beach at sunset!


After breakfast, the group will be transported back to Casablanca for the flight back to the US.


Teacher Spotlight

Arabic Teacher, Washington D.C.

"Our leaders went above and beyond to establish relationships with our students. This led to meaningful bonds that were educational and constructive. Said and Stafford's willingness and desire to put themselves into leading the trip made the trip memorable for everyone."

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Don’t see your area of interest highlighted in the itinerary above?
Plan your own customized trip today!

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Estimated airfare*

Not included: Baggage fees, Airline minor fees, Passport/visa fees, Laundry, Souvenirs, Activities not listed on the itinerary.

*Estimated airfare: In order to give our travelers the best possible price, we break out airfare from the Program Tuition. We will still handle all booking and ticketing via our flight partner who has access to special fares not available to the general public. Families will be invoiced for the flight once we are able to secure the best airfare for the group.

Global Leadership Activities

Walking Tree Travel has developed tools that will help our travelers mature as global leaders before, during, and after their travel program. These simple, engaging activities are meant to spark discussion, frame the group’s experience, and prepare participants to travel ethically and effectively on our programs now and on their own into the future. Our activities also encourage students to take initiative as leaders in their local communities to make a difference at an immediate level, helping them to understand the impact they can have when they combine cultural understanding with personal and social responsibility.

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