Updated October 4, 2022

Is vaccination against COVID-19 a requirement to travel?

No, as of October 4th Walking Tree no longer requires travelers to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 before travel, though we reserve the right to change this policy at any time.

Please note that for those programs which include homestays, the requirement may still exist. Reach out to the Walking Tree representative listed on your program webpage for more information regarding your specific trip.

How is Walking Tree handling travel in these uncertain times?

Groups are preparing to travel this summer! While there will be adjustments made to ensure the safest trips possible, we are confident these next few months will be special for our groups as we are all reminded of the crucial role that connecting to new people and new places has in our lives.

Walking Tree will continue to be flexible and we ask for the same from our students and families as we all do our best to navigate this new normal.

We are in regular contact with our staff and partners around the world as we plan for the travel season and think of new and creative ways to offer the same genuine experiences while never compromising our communal wellbeing. We will continue following CDC, WHO and local health institutions for best practices for keeping travelers as safe and healthy as possible.

Below are protocols and expectations participants should expect while traveling.

  • Proof of fully-vaccinated status.
  • Wearing face masks in public, when in close proximity to others who are not part of our group, and any time as mandated by local requirement or by Walking Tree.
  • Temperature and wellness checks.
  • Strict adherence to hand washing and personal hygiene.
  • Testing while on the program and the possibility of isolation and or quarantine.
  • Disinfecting procedures for private lodging and transportation.
  • Much to our dismay, homestays may be cancelled this summer. A review is ongoing.
  • Behavioral expectations and guidelines that participants will be expected to adhere to.
  • Adapting programming to mitigate risk, such as shifting activities and meals outdoors when feasible.

Could my program be cancelled?

Yes, but as the global situation evolves and vaccination campaigns gain momentum we are optimistic that most, if not all of our destinations will be available for travel by summer 2022. Many locations are already open to visitors and we are closely monitoring all locations where trips are set to travel next year. If your trip is cancelled due to COVID-19, you may travel on the same program at a later date or receive a refund.

What is your refund policy in light of the pandemic?

If you enroll between September 15, 2020 and  November 30, 2021, the entire program tuition is refundable up until 120 days prior to travel. Between 120 and 60 days of travel, only the $500 deposit is non-refundable. Within 60 days no refund will be possible. If airfare has already been purchased in your name then you will have a corresponding credit with the airline. See the refund schedule within 120 days here.

What if I or someone in my group gets COVID-19 on the trip?

If an individual tests positive for COVID-19 on the trip, we will be subject to the health requirements of the country we are in.  Generally speaking, this should mean a quarantine for a pre-determined period of time until a negative test result clears the student to return to the group or travel home.  More often than not, this means staying in a hotel room.  Walking Tree would provide support in this process while the other travelers in the group would need to be tested and cleared before resuming the program.

Should I purchase travel insurance?

Yes, and we strongly recommend that you consider purchasing coverage that includes Trip Cancellation insurance, though it is not required. Walking Tree partners with industry-leader Travel Insured International who offers a policy, including Cancel For Any Reason coverage. You can see more here.

What can I expect as my program approaches?

We will be in close contact with enrolled families as the departure for your program draws near. You can expect a formal pre-departure meeting when we'll gather (remotely) to discuss the program in detail and allow time for questions. Please also feel free to give us a call, we are always happy to hear from families directly!

Last Updated September 13, 2022