Refer A Friend

Refer A Friend

Refer a Friend

We rely on our community to help spread the word about our unique philosophy toward travel. If you have a friend, colleague, family member, or acquaintance who you think would benefit from learning about our programs, let them (and us!) know. Not only will they be grateful that you told them about this life-changing adventure, but WTT will also send you a referral bonus to show our appreciation.

Here are the details:

$1000 in Cash

for anyone you refer who ends up running a Custom Program


for each Open Enrollment traveler you refer

10% Off Tuition

for any returning alumni and their immediate household

Free Travel

on a program for every 8 participants you refer

Please complete the referral form below and we will contact your referee to tell them more about our programs. Please don’t forget to follow up with them directly and let them know we will be in touch!

SMALL PRINT: Only one referee per referral form should be listed. The applicant must list the referee’s name on their Program Enrollment form at the time of enrollment to be eligible to be referred. For referees in high school, you will receive $250 off your next program tuition for anyone you refer who is accepted on an Open Enrollment Travel Program. For referees who are no longer enrolled in high school, you will receive $250 in cash for anyone who you refer who is accepted on an Open Enrollment Travel Program or $1,000 in cash for any educators who you refer that organize a future WTT Custom Group Travel Program.

Below are a list of suggestions that will maximize your reach simply by posting a few updates on social media. Check them out!

  1. Customize and post the following sample message on your Facebook page – be sure to tag the WTT Facebook page too!
    • “I went to *COUNTRYNAME* with Walking Tree Travel and it was an absolute blast! From seeing the sites to interacting with the local community and culture, my time was simply amazing. Hit me up for more details!”
  2. Customize and post the following sample tweet on your Twitter feed:
    • “@WalkingTreeTrav was an awesome experience that I recommend to anyone! I went to *#COUNTRYNAME* and it was a blast! Hit me up for details!”
  3. Upload one of your favorite photos from your trip to Instagram and tag us at @walkingtreetravel
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