2022 St Mary’s Academy Spain and Morocco Program

While offered through SMA, enrolling on this program represents an agreement between the traveler's family and Walking Tree Travel. Any questions regarding enrollment, payments, refunds, or other administrative matters should come to the WTT Representative listed below.
Dear Families, Friends, and Travelers – Welcome to the 2022 St Mary's Academy Spain & Morocco Program!  You are currently on the Pre-Enrollment page, the purpose of which is to share exciting highlights and important info that participants will want to know before signing up. If you enroll, you'll begin using the Post-Enrollment page which offers a greater level of detail.  Please be sure to review the information thoroughly and get excited for Spain and Morocco!!
Travel Dates: June 17, 2022 - June 28, 2022
Group Organizer(s):
WTT Contact:
Program Tuition: $3,990 USD
Airfare not included in program tuition
Confirmed Airfare: $1,349

What to Expect

Please read through all of the information below. More details will be added as your departure draws closer.


We do everything possible to run safe, engaging, and immersive programs for our travelers, but given the unpredictable nature of international travel we must remain flexible in our planning. Changes to a schedule are uncommon but if inclement weather pushes us off course or an unexpected opportunity arises which travelers are excited about, we reserve the right to adjust programming in the best interest of the group. 

June 17USAToday the group will travel from the US to Madrid, Spain.Airplane
June 18MadridWe'll arrive in Madrid and settle into the hotel after the long day of travel. After some brief orientation meetings we'll have a quick snack of churros con chocolate and visit El Prado, one of the most impressive art museums in the world. After that, we'll enjoy a typical Spanish lunch in the historic center. The afternoon will be spent visiting the Plaza Mayor, and checking out the views from the Royal Palace and the Templo de Debod, an Egyptian temple dating back to the 2nd century B.C. that was donated to Spain. In the evening, we'll enjoy our first meal of tapas and traditional Spanish food.TOC hostel
June 19Madrid - GranadaThis morning, we'll stroll through the Retiro Park, once the king's personal refuge, and enjoy lunch nearby.  Then we'll travel south to Granada, one of the most idyllic cities in all of Spain, which was once the thriving capital of the Moorish empire. After settling into our hotel and before dinner, we'll have a guided tour of the old Albayzin, the traditional Gypsy neighborhood, and the historic Jewish quarter.  Hotel Macía Monasterio de los Basilios
June 20GranadaWe'll have a guided tour of Alhambra during the day, one of the most photogenic sites on the planet and a place dripping with fascinating history. Afterwards, we'll have some free time to wander through the old quarter, possibly visit a traditional Moroccan tea house, and attend a flamenco performance in a cave above town this evening.Hotel Macía Monasterio de los Basilios
June 21Granada - RondaThis morning we're off to Ronda in the heart of Andalucia and visit the precipitous ravine before enjoying a fun and engaging scavenger hunt tour around town. In the evening, we'll put our Spanish skills to use with a dinner of tapas with Spanish students. ¿Que guay, no?! Enfrente Arte
June 22Ronda - Sevilla - TangierToday we're headed to Morocco! We begin by continuing on to Sevilla (or Malaga) where we'll catch a flight to Tangier in northern Morocco, a city with incredible history and character. Upon arrival we'll settle into our riad and explore our neighborhood before dinner.Le Royal
June 23Tangier - Assilah - Tangier After breakfast the group will be privately transported to Assilah, a 45 minutes bus ride. Assilah is a small city located on the Atlantic coast of Morocco, south of Tangier. Its old white medina, surrounded by ramparts and well-preserved doors, was built in the 15th century by Portuguese settlers. The medina is an artistic center renowned for its colorful, modern murals. The students will take a guided tour that will end with a late lunch. Everyone will have the chance to partake in a Moroccan tradition, henna, before returning to Tangier for the evening.Le Royal
June 24Tangier - ChefchaouenAfter breakfast the group will be privately transported to Chefchaouen, a small hamlet located in the Rif Mountains in the northwest of Morocco. It is famous for the remarkable buildings in different shades of faded blue! Leatherwork and weaving workshops line its steep cobbled paths. Upon arrival students will check into their riad and enjoy the afternoon by walking to visit the city’s Ras El-Maa, where local women come to do their household washing. There, the group will sit alongside the mountain stream and sip Moroccan mint tea at a local cafe. Afterwards the group will walk through the Kasbah before dinner.Chefchaouen Riad
June 25ChefchaouenAfter breakfast the students will take a guided tour through Chefchaouen's medina. The city is built on a hill so be prepared for stairs! Despite the effort, walking is the best way to experience the city as there are tons of narrow streets that cars can’t access. The group will learn all about this old fortress and the history it preserves. After lunch everyone will have a moment to sip mint tea on a rooftop terrace cafe before some free time to do some souvenir shopping! Chefchaouen Riad
June 26Chefchaouen - CasablancaAfter breakfast the group will be privately transported to Casablanca, a roughly five hour trip. Casablanca is a port city and a commercial center located in the west of Morocco, facing the Atlantic Ocean. The French colonial heritage of the city is reflected in the architecture of the city center, combining Moorish style and European Art Deco. Upon arriving to Morocco's largest metropolitan city, we will check in to our Riad. Afterwards we will have time to walk through the historical habous before dinner!Casablanca Riad
June 27CasablancaAfter breakfast we will visit the Hassan II Mosque, the largest mosque in Morocco and the 13th largest in the world (its minaret is the world's tallest at 689 ft.). The walls are composed of handcrafted marble and the roof is retractable; it also stands on a promontory looking out to the Atlantic Ocean, allowing worshippers to pray over the sea. Students will take a guided tour inside the mosque and then pair up in groups to photograph and explore it’s stunning exterior architecture. We will spend the afternoon near the seaside before enjoying a celebratory final dinner.Casablanca Riad
June 28Casablanca - USAOn our way home. ¡Hasta luego!Your own bed, eventually!

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In order to provide a safe and memorable experience, we follow strict guidelines when choosing program accommodations. Walking Tree partners with locally-operated, three-star equivalent hotels and guest houses which are centrally located, clean and safe. 

Below are the accommodations we anticipate using on your trip, subject to availability. 
TOC Hotel Madrid

TOC is a spacious and hip hotel located in the heart of Madrid, just minutes away from the metro and major tourist attractions. This is a modern and hi-tech hotel with a friendly staff and a great breakfast! Travelers will have their own beds, distributed between double, triple and quadruple rooms. 



Monasterio Basilio

Monasterio Basilio is located in the center of Granada and provides an ideal location from which to explore the city. This cozy hotel can accommodate up to four students per room with ensuite bathrooms and the quirky aesthetic that defines this hotel makes for a memorable stay.

Enfrente Arte

Enfrente Arte is a unique hotel in the heart of Ronda, Spain.  Each room has its own character, and is themed differently. All rooms include an ensuite bathroom, air conditioning and central heating. Free Wi-Fi access throughout the building keeps everyone feeling connected. Students will be grouped in their rooms according to gender and availability.

Grand Hotel Villa de France Tangier

This four star hotel was built in the eighteenth century and is located in the historic center of Tangier. The architecture of the Grand Hotel Villa de France, along with its fountains, pool, terraces and gardens, today create a convivial, relaxing atmosphere in one of North Africa’s most magical cities. Students will have internet access in order to stay connected, and will be grouped in double or triple occupancy rooms according to gender.

Melliber Hotel Casablanca

For its ideal location in Casablanca, next to the sea. The Melliber Appart Hotel is a beautiful building that has all the commodities to make your stay unforgettable. Free Wi-Fi found throughout the building will keep everyone connected. Students will be grouped in their rooms according to gender.

Casa del Norte – Chefchaouen

Casa del Norte is a riad located in the heart of Chefchaouen’s medina and offers a great way to experience Moroccan culture.  Students will be split by gender and share double, triple or quadruple rooms based on availability. Wifi is available in common areas and breakfast is included.

Group Flight

Type Carrier Name Carrier Code Flight Number Departure Airport & City Departure Date and Time  Arrival Airport & City Arrival Date and Time 
Lufthansa Airlines
DEN – Denver International Airport, Denver, United States
June 16, 2022 at 05:35 PM
FRA – Frankfurt Airport, Frankfurt, Germany
June 17, 2022 at 11:10 AM
Lufthansa Airlines
FRA – Frankfurt Airport, Frankfurt, Germany
June 17, 2022 at 01:05 PM
MAD – Madrid–Barajas Airport, Madrid, Spain
June 17, 2022 at 03:40 PM
Lufthansa Airlines
CMN – Mohammed V International Airport, Casablanca, Morocco
June 27, 2022 at 01:40 AM
FRA – Frankfurt Airport, Frankfurt, Germany
June 27, 2022 at 06:05 AM
United Airlines
FRA – Frankfurt Airport, Frankfurt, Germany
June 27, 2022 at 11:05 AM
DEN – Denver International Airport, Denver, United States
June 27, 2022 at 01:05 PM

Once your flight has been confirmed, the itinerary will appear here.

Walking Tree will secure a seat on the group flight for each participant unless otherwise instructed.

Travelers are responsible for checked baggage fees. Please visit the airline’s baggage webpage to learn if you should expect to pay anything.

We will provide a group manifest – complete with reservation codes and ticket numbers – to the Group Organizer/s before departure, and travelers will need to check in at the airport in order to receive their boarding pass and have documents verified. We recommend arriving no later than three hours prior to the scheduled departure, but contact your Group Organizer for specific details on exactly where and when to meet on the day of departure.

Air travel can be unpredictable.  Regardless of proper planning, there may still be instances when a flight is delayed or cancelled due to staffing shortages, weather, mechanical problems, etc.  Please note that in such an event, Walking Tree Travel (WTT) is not financially responsible for unanticipated costs incurred by travelers en route.  Our programs officially begin and end in the destination country, and because our staff doesn’t fly with the group, Group Organizers (the traveling faculty member/s) become the front-line advocate for the group in the event of a delay. In most cases of cancellations or delays, the airline will be the one who re-books travel or possibly arranges a hotel and food the night.  Our primary role will be to  keep families updated and provide support to the Group Organizer to reach a  quick and effective resolution.

Host Community and Project Details

Packing List

What follows is a sample packing list, which will be updated for each program. We recommend you bring a larger piece of luggage like a roller, duffel bag, or backpack, as well as a smaller backpack that you can bring on hikes, weekend excursions and shorter activities.

Most importantly, be sure to remember your PASSPORT and STUDENT ID.

Is there a “dress code” in Morocco for female travelers?
The answer to this is yes and no. How to dress in Morocco as a woman is a question that plagues a lot of female visitors. You do not need to dress the same as local women. Morocco has no laws, or dress codes on what women must wear. Socially, society is conservative and it’s better to dress a bit more modestly. In large cities like Marrakech or Casablanca local women dress in a wide variety of styles. You’ll see short shorts and tank tops. You’ll also see full body veils. In rural communities it is highly advisable to cover up more. Wear longer shorts or pants and skip the tank tops, or at least drape a large scarf over your chest and shoulders when you are in the local communities.

Socks (a mixture of good hiking socks and casual socks)
T-shirts (some quick dry)
Light-weight, long sleeve shirts
Light sweater or sweatshirt
Light rain jacket
Travel/athletic shorts that are breathable and light
Comfortable/hiking/everyday pants (NOT all jeans)
Nice shirt/top to be worn to more formal dinners (girls might want a skirt or something a little nicer for such occasions)
Durable athletic/hiking shoes
Sandals (optional for beach)
Swim suit
Good sun hat

Important Note for Female Travelers: In the interest of being respectful while still allowing travelers to be comfortable under the heat, (in public at least) shirts should cover shoulders and shorts or skirts/dresses should be conservative- that is, thighs, shoulders and decollete should be covered.

Sunscreen (you will use a lot)
Mosquito repellent (you will use a lot)
Band Aids and Neosporin
Hand Sanitizer
Prescription medication in properly marked original container
Biodegradable soap, shampoo, etc. That is to say, vegetable based, biodegradable, and phosphate-free.

Journal and pen
Camera (digital, disposable, waterproof)
Power Converter and Adapter: Morocco runs on voltage of 230 Frequency of 50 Hz. Power sockets types: C / D / E / K
Alarm Clock and watch
Debit card/US Dollars (we recommend about $50-$150, depending on amount of desired souvenirs, extra items etc.)
Durable water bottle
Water filtration device
1 quick-dry towel
Extra batteries
Deck of cards or other portable games
Host family gift
French-Spanish/English Dictionary


Travelers often contact us regarding what an appropriate gift might be for their student’s host family. Host families are often curious about where our students come from and their families in the U.S. As such, we recommend a simple gift that describes, represents or depicts your home. Well-received gifts in the past have included calendars or picture/coffee table books from your city or state, a framed picture of your family, paraphernalia from a local sports team, toys, soccer balls, school supplies, or something produced or grown in your hometown, like chocolate, local candy, t-shirts, etc. The most important thing to keep in mind is not to worry about this… Anything, no matter its value, will be well received!

Support Team

At a minimum, one experienced Program Leader will travel on every trip. In addition to this full time leadership presence, Walking Tree has additional support staff in all destinations and 24/7 support from our headquarters in Denver, Colorado. Below you’ll find a list of the team members involved in the planning, organizing, and leadership of your program.

Said Ait Said
Said Ait Said
Morocco Country Director & Program Leader

ISTA NTIC Syba Ofppt, Marrakech

Said is from a Berber village in the High Atlas Mountains, but was raised in Marrakech, Morocco. In 2013 he started managing touristic accommodations and excursions for travelers in Morocco. He currently lives in Marrakech with his wife and two children. They are a combination of Berber, Moroccan and American; speaking English, French, Arabic and Tamazighit. They enjoy traveling and embracing their multi-cultural lifestyle!

Kelsey Shawgo
Kelsey Shawgo
Spain Country Director

Loyola University of Chicago – B.A. Spanish, Minor in Psychology 

Born and raised outside of Chicago to two avid travelers and teachers, Kelsey has always had a passion for exploration and education, which also led to an interest in language. In fact, her first jobs and volunteer opportunities were as an assistant teacher, translator and interpreter. The opportunity to attend a youth leadership conference in Cuba and a study abroad semester in Spain during university cemented her desire to start a life abroad. She has been living in Madrid for ten years and is currently teaching English to Nursing and Physical Therapy students at the Universidad Pontificia Comillas. In her spare time, you can find her exploring new places with friends and family, doing yoga everywhere she can, listening to too many podcasts and desperately trying to add more languages to her repertoire.

Stafford Jackson
Stafford Jackson
Morocco Country Director

University of Arizona

Stafford was raised in Shreveport, Louisiana and then graduated High School in Dallas, Texas. After attending the University of Arizona, she set off traveling with her sister through Southeast Asia, Europe and Northern Africa in 2013. After traveling through Morocco, she fell in love with it and decided to make it her home a year later. She has been living in Marrakech since 2014 with her husband and their two children. When she is not coordinating student travel excursions to Morocco for Walking Tree Travel, she is the English Foreign Language Coordinator for a private school in Marrakech. She enjoys cooking, baking, photography and taking family vacations!

Luke Mueller
Luke Mueller
Co-Founder of Walking Tree Travel and Business Lead - Denver, CO

Emory University – B.A. Sociology and minor in Latin American History

During college, Luke spent a semester living and traveling in rural Mexico. His experience sparked a fascination with Latin America and a commitment to community service that continues to this day. Upon graduating from college, he joined WorldTeach and lived with a local family in a small village in Costa Rica while teaching elementary English. After this experience, he moved to San José, the capital and largest city of Costa Rica, and wrote for The Tico Times newspaper. Luke has since traveled to over 60 countries on five different continents.  Now settled in Denver with his family, he continues to crave massive helpings of rice and beans.

Group Roster

Below is a list of the travelers enrolled on the program.

  • 1 Ana Saucedo
  • 2 Ariana Hodlewsky
  • 3 Celia Bard
  • 4 Marlowe Blanchard
  • 5 Michelle Hayden
  • 6 Olivia Goodreau
  • 7 Pamela Applegate
7 Travelers

Blog and Communication

During travel we will work hard to keep families updated as frequently as possible with blogs and photos, giving you peace of mind that your traveler is safe and thriving on their program.  Students regularly contribute to these posts, giving parents a great way to vicariously track the progress of the trip. You will receive an email notification when the first blog is posted, after which we recommend you check in regularly via the black “Program Blog” button at the top of this page.

Beyond this proactive approach to communication during the trip, most destinations are wired enough to allow participants semi-regular access to WiFi so you can also expect to communicate with your traveler directly. Ask your Walking Tree representative about the degree of connectivity on your program.


GLC Curriculum

Walking Tree has developed a curriculum of activities meant to help travelers get the most out of their trip before departure, during travel and after they return home. These simple and engaging activities are meant to spark discussion, frame experiences, and prepare participants to travel ethically and effectively both on this trip and on future adventures.

For more information about student learning objectives and the format of the curriculum, click on the ‘learn more’ button below.

Learn More About the GLC

To view and complete the Pre-Program Activities, visit our online portal at the button below.

Pre-Program Activity Portal

Standards of Behavior

In order to run a safe and successful program, it is important that we create an environment of trust, security and respect. All individuals participating in our programs are required to take responsibility for their actions and adhere to a high standard of behavioral conduct.


  1. Possessing, consuming or distributing alcohol or illegal drugs.
  2. Associating with participants while they are in possession of or are consuming or distributing alcohol or illegal drugs.
  3. Behaving in a way that consistently damages the group dynamic or jeopardizes personal or group safety. This includes consistently displaying a negative attitude, intimidating or excluding other participants, sneaking out, disobeying group leaders, and any other behavior that is not conducive to an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect.


  1. Stealing, or deliberately damaging or defacing any personal property, buildings or materials.
  2. Possessing weapons.
  3. Riding mopeds, motorcycles, or any other type of unauthorized vehicle.
  4. Getting a piercing or tattoo.
  5. Being out after curfew.
  6. Breaking group rules.

These standards of behavior are essential for the successful completion of your program. Please take the time to review these as a family and make sure everyone understands and agrees to them.

Health and Safety

We strongly recommend visiting the CDC Morocco website to get the most updated information on health and vaccination considerations in your destination country. In addition, we encourage you to consult with your personal family physician so you can be as informed as possible when making important decisions about vaccinations and other necessary health-related preparations before travel.

Our in-country staff prepare meticulously for all programs. Walking Tree will register our programs and travelers with the U.S. Department of State Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) in case of emergency. In country staff also verify the safety records of our partner organizations, vendors, and transportation providers, thoroughly vet homestay families via in depth interviews and home visits, and keep up on important current events in the region.

Program Leaders are seasoned travelers who are CPR and First Aid certified, undergo thorough training in crisis management, and participate in a multi-day leadership training retreat. We do our best to prepare for any eventuality and have detailed emergency protocols for our leaders, in-country staff and U.S.-based staff.

We receive medical disclosures from all participants to ensure we are able to meet every students’ needs during the program. Please inform us immediately of any additional health issues that you did not list during your initial registration process. Program Leaders will also hold an online information session before your departure, as well as an arrival orientation in-country, in order to give participants important instructions on food safety, hygiene and preventing injury and illness. Leaders and in-country staff always respond immediately to any mental, physical or emotional health issues and follow comprehensive emergency protocols.


While we work hard to ensure the safest experience possible for our travelers on program, experience teaches that travel is never without risk. For this reason, we recommend that all travelers consider a travel insurance policy with  two additional provisions: Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) and Bed Rest. Detailed explanations of both provisions can be found on the link below.

To provide families with a quality option, Walking Tree has partnered with Travel Insured International, one of the most respected providers in the industry.  Begin by getting a quote here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: in order to secure coverage with CFAR included, you must purchase the plan within 21 days of your deposit/first payment. You must also insure 100% of your trip cost, so program tuition + flight.