2019 DCI Costa Rica Service Adventure

Dear Families, Friends, and Travelers – Welcome to the 2019 DC International Costa Rica Service Adventure!  You are currently on the  Pre-Enrollment page, the purpose of which is to share exciting highlights and important info that participants will want to know before signing up. If you enroll, you'll begin using the Post-Enrollment page which offers a greater level of detail.  Please be sure to review the information thoroughly and get excited for Costa Rica!
Travel Dates: July 22, 2019 - August 2, 2019
Group Organizer(s):
WTT/SSA Contact:
Deadline(s): Enrollment deadline is January 11th

What to Expect

Please read through all of the information below. More details will be added as your departure draws closer.


We work hard to create safe, engaging, and immersive itineraries for our travelers, but given the unpredictable nature of international travel we must remain flexible in our planning. Changes to a schedule are uncommon but if inclement weather pushes us off course or an unexpected opportunity arises which travelers are excited about, we reserve the right to adjust programming in the best interest of the group. 

July 22USA & San JoséToday the whole group will travel from the USA to Costa Rica, arriving around noon. After arrival, the group will grab some lunch and then head for a professional latin dance class where we'll learn the basic steps of salsa, merengue and cumbia. In the evening we'll settle in the hotel and hold an orientation meeting where the group will discuss the upcoming trip in detail.Hotel Rosa de America
July 231 San Jose & Pura Suerte

2 San Jose, Manuel Antonio & Uvita
After breakfast Team 1 will depart for Pura Suerte, an ecological farm in the heart of the rain forest, about four hours' drive south of the capital city. We will tour Pura Suerte's organic farm for an introduction to the bountiful flora and fauna in the area, visit a nearby coffee plantation and enjoy a delicious dinner made from ingredients sourced directly from the forest and nearby farms.

Team 2 will head to Uvita, in the Central Pacific coast. Before, the group will viit Manuel Antonio National Park and enjoy the fauna and flora found along the trails.

Throughout the program, we'll have the opportunity to interact with community members in Spanish, participate in cultural exchanges, and explore Costa Rican culture.
Pura Suerte

El Tecal
July 241 Pura Suerte

2 Uvita
After breakfast Team 1 will hike down to the Nauyaca waterfall, one of the most beautiful in the entire country. We will spend the morning swimming and relaxing by the riverside and enjoy lunch at the waterfall before returning to the farm for some free time before dinner.

Team 2 will take surf lessons in the morning and give a hand while doing a clean up before enjoying the sunset.
Pura Suerte

El Tecal
July 251 Pura Suerte & Herradura

2 Uvita & San Gerardo
Today we will head to the host communities to meet our host families. Upon arrival, students will tour the community and learn about our service project. Students will have dinner with their own individual host families this evening. Host Families
July 26Host Community Each day in our host community will include a full day of work at our community service project. Lunch will be either be on-site or at home with families. In the afternoon and evening, activities will vary, but typically include spending time with host families, group excursions around the village, or activities with people from the local community. Host Families
July 27Host Community Today, we will continue working on our service project and spending time with host families. Evening activities will vary.Host Families
July 28Host Community Today, we will continue working on our service project and spending time with host families. Evening activities will vary.Host Families
July 29Host Community Today, we will continue working on our service project and spending time with host families. Evening activities will vary.Host Families
July 30Host Community Today we will finish our service project and celebrate with our new friends and family with a fiesta de despedida!Host Families
July 311 Host Community & Uvita

2 Host Community & Pura Suerte
After breakfast and goodbyes, we will head west to Uvita on the central Pacific coast. We will settle into our hotel before heading down to the beach for surf lessons.

Team 2 will discover Nauyaca waterfall and then Pura Suerte.
El Tecal

Pura Suerte
August 11 Uvita & San Jose

2 Pura Suerte & San Jose
After breakfast it's off to Manuel Antonio we will explore Manuel Antonio National Park which bursts with wildlife and boats beautiful beaches. Inside we will find idyllic coastline and winding trails that lead through dense jungle. Students can relax, swim and do some souvenir shopping.

Team 2 will discover the organic farm.

After lunch we will make the drive back to San Jose for a farewell dinner altogether before of our international departure the following morning.
Hotel Rosa de America
August 2San Jose & USAAfter breakfast, we will head to the airport for a morning departure back to the USA.Your own bed, eventually!

Need to Raise Money? We have you covered.

Our travelers are provided with funding opportunities that are easy to implement and fun to take part in. Our flagship fundraiser involves selling fair trade, organic, carbon-neutral coffee from a women’s collective in Peru. There is no limit to the amount you can earn, so get started now by clicking the link below!


WTT coffee


In order to provide a safe and memorable experience for travelers, we follow strict guidelines when choosing our accommodations. Walking Tree partners with locally-operated, three-star equivalent hotels which are centrally located, clean, safe and wifi-enabled. 

For rooming, travelers are grouped by gender, and will never share rooms with people who are not associated with their group.  Non-binary travelers are accommodated. Group Organizers and Program Leaders, along with any other traveling adult, are roomed separately from students.
Below are the hotels we anticipate using on your trip, subject to availability. 
Rosa de America

A beautiful and affordable boutique hotel near the airport yet in a relaxing setting. This hotel is complete with updated rooms, fresh towels and linens, free Wi-Fi, and land lush gardens. Students will be grouped according to gender.

Finca Pura Suerte

Situated high on the hills overlooking the Pacific coast, the open-air cabins of Pura Suerte are the ideal accommodation for exploring the surrounding farm, primary forest, and countless waterways. This comfortable setting is a center where ideas can be exchanged and practiced to promote sustainable living. Students will be grouped in their rooms according to gender and availability. There will be no internet access during this portion of the trip.

Camping y Cabinas El Tecal

Cabinas El Tecal is a locally owned and operated three star hotel close to playa Uvita in the Marino Ballena National Park. Off the beaten path, the hotel comes with modern amenities, a private pool, and great service. It’s the perfect place to relax away from the crowds. Free Wi-Fi access throughout the building keeps everyone feeling connected. Students will be grouped in their rooms according to gender and availability.

Group Flight

Type Carrier Name Carrier Code Flight Number Departure City Departure Date and Time  Arrival City Arrival Date and Time 
DCA – Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, Arlington, USA
July 22, 2019 at 6:45AM
FLL – Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, Fort Lauderdale, USA
July 22, 2019 at 9:30AM
FLL – Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, Fort Lauderdale, USA
July 22, 2019 at 10:40AM
SJO – Juan Santamaria International Airport, Alajuela, Costa Rica
July 22, 2019 at 11:40AM
SJO – Juan Santamaria International Airport, Alajuela, Costa Rica
August 2, 2019 at 12:40PM
FLL – Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, Fort Lauderdale, USA
August 2, 2019 at 5:45PM
FLL – Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, Fort Lauderdale, USA
August 2, 2019 at 8:15PM
DCA – Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, Arlington, USA
August 2, 2019 at 10:50PM

We will provide additional details on your Group’s Flight and travel day details here.

We will provide a group manifest – complete with reservation codes and ticket numbers – to the group organizer before departure. Nevertheless, travelers will need to check in at the airport and we recommend arriving no later than three hours prior to the scheduled departure. For details on exactly where and when to meet on the day of departure, please contact your Group Organizer.

Air travel is unpredictable. Although we can ensure that our groups arrive to the airport with ample time and follow all airline instructions, there may still be instances when a flight is delayed or cancelled due to weather, mechanical problems, labor strikes, etc. Please note that in such an event Walking Tree Travel (WTT) is not financially responsible for unexpected costs incurred by travelers. Our programs officially begin and end in our host countries. That being said, our travelers’ well-being and safety is our number one priority, so please know that should flight delays/cancellations occur we will do everything we can to get travelers home in a timely manner and will do our best to keep family members updated on developments.

WTT is not responsible for fees associated with checked baggage. Please visit the airline’s baggage webpage to find out about baggage fees and options. It is also important to make sure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond the final day in country.

Please confirm with your air travel provider as some airlines may require that travelers under a certain age have completed an unaccompanied minor parental consent form. Please consult the airline website to confirm if this is required on your flight.

Host Community and Project Details

The group will be divided in two and will be hosted in two different communities, 7 km from each other. San Gerardo de Rivas and Herradura de Rivas have hosted student groups from Walking Tree and DCI for two years running.

San Gerardo de Rivas is situated in the misty mountains above San Isidro de General in the province of San Jose, about three hours south of the capital city. This village of 800 people will host a Walking Tree group for a third consecutive year. San Gerardo is a friendly community of coffee and agricultural farmers and has proven itself a perfect fit for an energetic group of young volunteers. Unknown to most travelers, San Gerardo is only occasionally home to foreign visitors and thus provides an idyllic example of rural Costa Rican village life. Set at the foot of the mighty Mt. Chirripo, it also happens to be picturesquely beautiful.

Herradura is a small and very beautiful town situated in a valley near the entrance of Parque Nacional Chirripo which is home to Costa Ricaâ s tallest mountain. The nearest sizeable city is San Isidro (Perez Zeledon), which is located about 20 kilometers, or 45 minutes away. There is a very beautiful river (Rio Blanco) that runs through the center of town and runs parallel of the main road. Walking Tree has been working in Herradura since 2009, and we continue to send groups here because of itâ s beautiful scenery, great contacts and creative projects that are proposed. The town has a rustic feel to it, which is amplified by the fact that there is no cell phone service here. Electricity first made its way to Herradura in 1986.

Packing List

What follows is a sample packing list, which will be updated for each program. We recommend you bring a larger piece of luggage like a roller, duffel bag, or backpack, as well as a smaller backpack that you can bring on hikes, weekend excursions and shorter activities.

“Less is more” is a packing tip we encourage for all our travelers. The below list should cover everything you would need, but we frequently hear that travelers feel “overpacked” if they follow all of our suggestions. Know yourself and what you are comfortable traveling with. We suggest bringing only as much as you would be able to carry on your own.

Please consult the 10-day weather forecast in https://weather.com and enter the cities listed in your itinerary if you desire a more detailed look at the weather you might encounter. Most importantly, be sure to remember your PASSPORT!

CLOTHES (quantities depend on your trip length) :
Socks (a mixture of good hiking socks and casual socks)
T-shirts (some quick dry)
Long sleeve shirt
Lightweight sweater
Rain jacket or poncho
Travel/athletic shorts that are breathable and light
Comfortable/hiking/everyday pants (NOT all jeans)
1 nice shirt/top to be worn to a festive occasion (girls might want a skirt or something a little nicer for such occasions, boys may want to opt for a polo shirt or button up shirt with jeans)
Durable athletic/hiking shoes with good grip
Sandals (Chaco/Teva/Keen/Merrel sandals are great to have for water activities)
Swimming suit
Hat/s, sun protection
Rash guard for surf classes, if needed

Sunscreen (You will use a lot. Natural products/lotions are preferred over aerosol, especially for the beach)
Mosquito repellent (non-deet/lotions are preferred to reduce environmental impact)
Band Aids and Neosporin
Work gloves for service project
Hand Sanitizer
Medication in properly marked original container. It’s important that medication travel in
its original container, as customs officials have the right to confiscate it otherwise.

Journal and pen
Camera (digital, disposable, waterproof)
Debit card/US Dollars (we recommend about $50-$150, depending on number of desired snacks, souvenirs, extra items etc.)
Durable water bottle
1 quick-dry towel
Deck of cards or other portable games
Spanish/English Dictionary

Support Team

At minimum, one experienced Program Leader will travel on every program. In addition to this full time leadership presence, Walking Tree has additional support staff in all destinations and 24/7 support from our headquarters in Denver, Colorado where we remain available to the group for additional help whenever necessary. Below you’ll find a list of the team members involved in the planning, organizing, and leadership of your program. Meet your support team!

Sara Lavell
Sara Lavell
Country Director - Costa Rica & Panama

Universidad de Costa Rica – B.Sc. Geography

Proudly born a ”tica” with a British father and a Panamanian mother, Sara was raised in the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Sara started traveling the world at a young age and has visited 4 continents. Passionate about conservation, sustainable development and education Sara spent her college years volunteering in different communities during mid-term vacations and later found herself sharing some of her interests with US students and volunteers traveling all over Central America. Nowadays, Sara is finishing her master’s degree in Planning with an emphasis on Socioeconomic Project Management.

Luke Mueller
Luke Mueller
Co-Founder of Walking Tree Travel and Business Lead - Denver, CO

Emory University – B.A. Sociology and minor in Latin American History

During college, Luke spent a semester living and traveling in rural Mexico. His experience sparked a fascination with Latin America and a commitment to community service that continues to this day. Upon graduating from college, he joined WorldTeach and lived with a local family in a small village in Costa Rica while teaching elementary English. After this experience, he moved to San José, the capital and largest city of Costa Rica, and wrote for The Tico Times newspaper. Luke has since traveled to over 60 countries on five different continents.  Now settled in Denver with his family, he continues to crave massive helpings of rice and beans.

Sofía Quirós
Sofía Quirós
Program Leader

Universidad de Costa Rica – B.A. in Art History 

New York University – M.A. in Art Education  

Growing up in Costa Rica, Sofía developed an early passion for nature and the outdoors. She originally wanted to be a biologist but ended up going into the arts instead, specializing in Art Education in New York City where she lived and worked for over eight years. Having mostly worked in non-formal education settings like museums and community spaces, her work focuses on generating transformative learning experiences beyond subjects or settings.

She is passionate about critical pedagogy, community development, multicultural perspectives, and conservation efforts. She has traveled extensively (over 25 countries in 3 continents) believing that there’s nothing like traveling to expand your mindset and allow for growth and connection to new spaces, people, cultures and oneself. She currently lives in San José, Costa Rica, and among her favorite things to do are hiking, whale watching (when possible), eating delicious food, dancing and enjoying quality time with friends and family.

Amelia “Ame” Garita Castillo
Amelia “Ame” Garita Castillo
Country Operations Manager - Costa Rica

University Nacional, Costa Rica. Business Management/Sustainable Tourism

Amelia was born in San Gerardo de Rivas, Costa Rica, close to the highest mountain Cerro Chirripo. While a young girl Ame had the opportunity to climb Cerro Chirripo with her father over 50 times before she turned 18, and fell in love with the outdoors and wilderness. After having these amazing experiences she went on to study tourism and business management in the National University of Costa Rica where she graduated with a bachelors degree. Since then she has worked for the Costa Rican tourism board, before moving on to guiding. She has worked guiding students in outdoor adventure working for Outward Bound Costa Rica, Outward Bound Mexico, and Outward Bound Hong Kong. She also guides wilderness therapy with Pure Life by Aspiro in Costa Rica. She has had the pleasure of traveling in Europe and South America which further confirmed her love for traveling, the outdoors, and guiding. She has traveled to over 14 countries and loves to share her experiences with others and also help them discover their own passion, and worldly views. She speaks fluent Spanish and English, and most enjoys her time by guiding and helping others. She now works for Walking Tree full time as a part of the Country Operations Team in Costa Rica.

Jordan Sparrow
Jordan Sparrow
Country Operations Director - Denver, CO

University of Kansas – B.A. Latin American Studies; Global and International Studies, Minor in Brazilian Studies

Jordan is a Midwesterner at heart, born and raised in Kansas City.  He spent his first summer after high school in Guatemala where he began learning Spanish and cultivated a deep interest in everything Latin America.  In college, Jordan spent almost half of his university career studying abroad in both Costa Rica and Brazil.  During that time, he mastered language skills in both Spanish and Portuguese, spent a lot of time at the beach and met the love of his life in Costa Rica. After college, he moved to Costa Rica where he taught Portuguese to Costa Ricans and began his career in student travel.  After almost six years of living in Costa Rica, Jordan, his partner and their two dogs moved to Denver where they currently live.  As with the rest of the SSA team, Jordan has traveled extensively throughout Latin America, the Caribbean and Southeast Asia.  Jordan is passionate about languages, history, social justice and eating great food.

Mauricio Hidalgo Chaves
Mauricio Hidalgo Chaves
Program Leader

Universidad Latina, Heredia, Costa Rica – Architecture

Mauricio, or “Mau” as his friends call him, grew up in a small Costa Rican town called Pejibaye surrounded by beautiful mountains and rivers. Mauricio attended Costa Rica’s first environmental high school which instilled in him a mentality to help the environment. Ever since he was a kid Mauricio always found himself fixing up and remodeling spaces, which led him to study architecture in the University. His hunger for knowledge and desire to learn about different cultures guided him on various trips to countries such as Colombia, Nicaragua, Belize, Spain, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and the United States. Mauricio currently lives in Denver, Colorado and has worked in various volunteer organizations in Costa Rica to help the environment and to help combat human trafficking and sexual exploitation of minors. Mauricio is multifaceted person who sings, designs, decorates, constructs and dances, all while traveling down life’s path with a smile on his face in search of learning something new.

Group Roster

See below for a list of travelers enrolled on the program.

  • 1 Aamir Farrell
  • 2 Alesandro cordova
  • 3 Alexander Sattler
  • 4 Amanuel Degife
  • 5 Arturo Contreras
  • 6 Carlos Alfaro - Group Chaperone
  • 7 Celia Taylor - Group Chaperone
  • 8 Christian Chavez Casarrubias
  • 9 Christian Davis
  • 10 CiAhna Chloe
  • 11 Ciara Smiley
  • 12 Damara Uris
  • 13 Dante Brown Jr.
  • 14 Diego Cuevas
  • 15 Elena Leifert
  • 16 Ella Sloop
  • 17 Erin Gadson
  • 18 Frida Avalos
  • 19 Gabriela Sanchez Martinez
  • 20 Hector Correa Wagner
  • 21 Inocenica Rodriguez - Group Chaperone
  • 22 Ivie Okoawo-Atohengbe
  • 23 Jeremiah Ince
  • 24 Josamar Gonzalez
  • 25 Keirsten Williams
  • 26 Kennedy Carter
  • 27 Lance Margarito
  • 28 Lily Grace Morton
  • 29 Luca Lavoie
  • 30 Luisa Juarez - Group Chaperone
  • 31 Maliah Springs Celestine
  • 32 Maxi Silva
  • 33 Maya Schindler
  • 34 Milio Martinez-Dalichow
  • 35 Nicholas Galfo - Group Chaperone
  • 36 Nina Gwynn
  • 37 Nina Mitchell
  • 38 Padraig Hanly
  • 39 Rebecca Ferrer - Group Chaperone
  • 40 Sebastian Weaver
  • 41 Surafel Gebreyes
  • 42 Trinity Tyler
  • 43 Weslee James
  • 44 Zion Fisher
44 Travelers

Blog and Communication

The easiest way for students to keep in touch with family and friends at home while traveling will be using Wifi (available at most hotels and some restaurants) via apps such as Viber, Whatsapp, Skype, and Wechat for free. We do our best to keep families and friends updated as frequently as possible with blogs and photos. If parents would like updates regarding the group beyond these blog posts and email updates, they should direct all general inquiries to blogs@walkingtree.org. For any general program inquiries, please refer to the WTT/SSA representative listed on your program webpage, or email info@walkingtree.org. We are always checking this email inbox and will respond promptly to inquiries. You can also reach us by dialing 303-242-8541 from the U.S. Guardians, Participants, and Group Organizers will receive a program-specific blog link leading up to your departure date, and an email notification each time a new blog is posted for the program.

GLC Curriculum

We have developed a curriculum of activities designed to help each of our travelers mature as global leaders before, during, and after their travel program. These simple and engaging tools are meant to spark discussion, frame experiences, and prepare participants to travel ethically and effectively both on this trip and on future adventures.

For more information about student learning objectives and the format of the curriculum, click on the ‘learn more’ button below.

Learn More About the GLC

To view and complete the Pre-Program Activities, visit our online portal at the button below.

Pre-Program Activity Portal

Standards of Behavior

Walking Tree provides fun, safe, and meaningful programs for our travelers. In order to achieve this goal, it is important that we create an environment of trust, security and respect. All individuals participating in our programs are required to take responsibility for their actions and adhere to a high standard of behavioral conduct. Any of the following are grounds for early dismissal or in-country consequences at our discretion.


  1. Possessing, consuming or distributing alcohol or illegal drugs
  2. Associating with participants while they are in possession of or are consuming or distributing alcohol or illegal drugs
  3. Behaving in a way that consistently damages the group dynamic or jeopardizes personal or group safety. This includes consistently displaying a negative attitude, intimidating or excluding other participants, sneaking out, disobeying group leaders, and any other behavior that is not conducive to an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect.


  1. Getting a piercing or tattoo
  2. Stealing, or deliberately damaging or defacing any personal property, buildings or materials
  3. Threatening with or using weapons such as firearms, knives, explosives, etc.
  4. Riding mopeds, motorcycles, or any other type of unauthorized vehicle
  5. Being out of designated area or accommodations after curfew
  6. Breaking group rules

These standards of behavior are essential for the successful completion of a travel program. Please take the time to review these rules as a family and make sure everyone understands and agrees to them before choosing to travel with us.

Health and Safety

We strongly recommend visiting the CDC Costa Rica website to get the most updated information on health and vaccination considerations in your destination country. In addition, we encourage you to consult with your personal family physician so you can be as informed as possible when making important decisions about vaccinations and other necessary health-related preparations before travel.

Our in-country staff prepare meticulously for all programs. Walking Tree will register our programs and travelers with the U.S. Department of State Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) in case of emergency. In country staff also verify the safety records of our partner organizations, vendors, and transportation providers, thoroughly vet homestay families via in depth interviews and home visits, and keep up on important current events in the region.

Program Leaders are seasoned travelers who are CPR and First Aid certified, undergo thorough training in crisis management, and participate in a multi-day leadership training retreat. We do our best to prepare for any eventuality and have detailed emergency protocols for our leaders, in-country staff and U.S.-based staff.

We receive medical disclosures from all participants to ensure we are able to meet every students’ needs during the program. Please inform us immediately of any additional health issues that you did not list during your initial registration process. Program Leaders will also hold an online information session before your departure, as well as an arrival orientation in-country, in order to give participants important instructions on food safety, hygiene and preventing injury and illness. Leaders and in-country staff always respond immediately to any mental, physical or emotional health issues and follow comprehensive emergency protocols.


While we work hard to ensure the safest experience possible for our travelers while on program, experience has taught us that travel is never without risk. For this reason, we suggest you consider purchasing Premier travel insurance which would cover you in the event your student needs to withdraw before travel due to a covered reason or loses baggage in route or encounters an emergency while traveling, among other unforeseen circumstances. While most travelers have opted in for us to purchase basic travel insurance on their behalf during the enrollment process, this plan does not cover trip interruption or trip cancellation. Please see a summary of a plan below and follow the link for a more detailed explanation or to purchase the plan for your traveler.

-Recommended Travel Insurance-

Trip Cancellation Up to 100% of Trip Cost
Reimburses your prepaid, non-refundable expenses if you must cancel your trip due to a covered reason.
Maximum coverage: $100,000.

Trip Interruption Up to 150% of Trip Cost
Reimburses for the unused, non-refundable portion of your trip and for the increased transportation costs it takes for you to return home or to continue your trip due to a covered reason. Maximum coverage: $150,000.

Missed Connection $1,600
Reimburses for covered expenses resulting from a covered delay that causes you to miss your scheduled flight or cruise.

Travel Delay $1,600
Receive up to $200 per day per person to cover additional accommodation/travel expenses and lost prepaid expenses due to a departure delay of six or more hours.

Medical Protection: 
Emergency Medical and Dental $50,000
-This primary coverage provides reimbursement for expenses incurred during your trip due to covered medical and dental emergencies. No deductible.
-$750 maximum for emergency dental care.

Baggage Protection
Baggage Loss/Damage $2,000
Covers loss, damage or theft of baggage and personal effects.

Baggage Delay $600
Covers the reasonable additional purchase of essential items during your trip if your baggage is delayed or misdirected by a common carrier for 24 hours or more. Receipts for emergency purchases are required.

Assistance Services
Emergency Medical Transportation $1,000,000
Provides medically necessary transportation to the nearest appropriate facility following a covered injury or illness. Also covers the cost of your transportation back home following a covered injury or illness.

24-Hour Hotline Help Included
Help is just a phone call away with Allianz Global Assistance. Our staff of multilingual problem solvers is available to help you with a medical, legal or travel-related emergency.

*Terms, conditions, and exclusions apply. Insurance benefits underwritten by BCS Insurance Company (OH, Administrative Office: Oakbrook Terrace, IL), rated “A­” (Excellent) by A.M. Best Co., under BCS Form No. 52.201 series or 52.401 series, or Jefferson Insurance Company (NY, Administrative Office: Richmond, VA), rated “A+” (Superior) by A.M. Best Co., under Jefferson Form No. 101­C series or 101­P series, depending on your state of residence. Plan(s) may not be available in all jurisdictions. Allianz Global Assistance and Allianz Travel Insurance are marks of AGA Service Company or its affiliates. AGA Service Company is the licensed producer and administrator of this plan and an affiliate of Jefferson Insurance Company. The insured shall not receive any special benefit or advantage due to the affiliation between AGA Service Company and Jefferson InsuranceCompany. Non­ Insurance benefits/products are provided and serviced by AGA Service Company. Consumer may be responsible for charges incurred from outside vendors for assistance or concierge services. Contact AGA Service Company at 800­-284­-8300 or 9950 Mayland Drive, Richmond, VA 23233 or customerservice@allianzassistance.com.