Have questions? We're here to help!

If your question isn't covered here, please contact our
Admissions team at admissions@walkingtree.org.

How do I access my account?

You can view your account anytime by clicking the Account link at the top of the page, or directly at https://walkingtree.org/my-account/.

If you do not know your password, you can reset it here: https://walkingtree.org/my-account/lost-password/.

For security reasons, we cannot recover your existing password. You must reset it if you don't remember it.

Where is my program?

You can get all of the latest information and updates about your program(s) in My Account. There you can see travel information, the group roster, accommodations, and contact your Teacher or Group Organizer.

How can I make a change to my enrollment info?

You can do this under My Account, and then follow the link to view or modify your enrollment application. Once you make your changes, they go to our Admissions team and you'll receive an email confirmation once your request has been processed.

How can I update my credit card?

You can do this under My Account, and then follow the link to view or modify your payment information. Once you update this, the change will also apply to any existing payment plans you have ongoing with us.

Do I have an account? I never chose a password.

If you enrolled before November of 2019, a randomly-generated password was created for the email address you used during checkout and it should have been emailed to that address. If you don't have that email or don't know the password, follow the instructions above to reset your password and choose a new one.

I'm on the checkout screen and it's asking me to log in to my account but I don't have one.

If you've previously attempted to enroll in a program on our website, then an account has been created for your email address. For security reasons, we cannot recover your password for you, but you can reset it and choose a new one here: https://walkingtree.org/my-account/lost-password/.

Once you reset your password, please log in at the top of the checkout page before you attempt to finish the checkout.