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Welcome to the Fundraising Center. With Walking Tree, fundraising for your trip can be as simple, efficient, and fun as possible. Everything you will need to get started is below, including a guide to some general tips on other fundraising opportunities. Simply download, print, and you will be ready to start raising funds!

Eligibility: Anyone traveling (or hoping to travel) with WTT is eligible.

Deadline: All Payments must be sent to or paid online to Walking Tree Travel by the program start date.

Amount: No limit. You can raise up to your tuition, or even beyond.


This document contains important details about Walking Tree’s fundraising opportunities. Please read this before you start selling.


This is a general guide to fundraising that includes valuable ideas, tips and advice on a variety of fundraising strategies.

This form contains the product descriptions, pictures, and contact information you will need to start selling today.

Order coffee here to be delivered directly to you. Each bag of coffee is $20 and half will be credited directly to your account.

Walking Tree Program Alumni Spotlight

Name: Stephanie
Hometown: Flagstaff, Arizona
Program: Peru 21 Day Service Adventure
Raised: $5420

Stephanie first heard about us the fall of her junior year when a representative came to her Spanish class to speak about our programs. She was really interested because her family frequently travels together, but she wanted a different travel experience. When she first presented the program to her parents, they thought it was too costly. Stephanie, however, was still really excited about traveling abroad and thought, “I can do this.” She set a goal to raise $4190 for the Peru 15 Day Service Adventure. She got a summer job as a nanny and worked through September of her senior year. Inspired by her softball team’s fundraiser, she also held a successful enchilada fundraiser to help pay for her flight from Flagstaff to Houston. By December of 2012, she had raised so much that she decided to go on the Peru 21 Day Service Adventure Program instead of the shorter program.

Stephanie’s advice to other students who are thinking about fundraising is, “If you are told that you can’t do something and it’s not possible, look and see what you are able to do. I set my goals high and told my mom and dad I was going to do it, and I did. For my enchilada sale, I knew what people were interested in purchasing and that I could make it on my own. Be creative and think about what people will buy, but also be realistic about what you can make and sell.”

“Think about what you can do to make this happen, not what other people can do for you to make this happen.”

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