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—Open Enrollment—

Our travel programs are split into four categories that align with Walking Tree’s mission and core values.  Below you will find descriptions of these four categories, as well as a list of all of our Open Enrollment Programs.  These Open Enrollment Programs are open to any high school student.  If you are a teacher and would like us to help you plan your own fully customized program, please visit our Custom Programs Page.
Service Adventures combine meaningful community service with exciting adventure travel and range in duration from 10-30 days. Participants spend roughly half of the program in small villages living with carefully selected local families and working on meaningful service projects. Travelers share meals, celebrate holidays and play games with their siblings…all in the local language! Decisions about the service projects are made in conjunction with village leaders and aim to benefit the community as a whole. The other half of the program is spent traveling between the countries’ most well known and adventurous destinations. Participants may hike, bike, kayak, surf or soar through breathtaking surroundings.

Conservation Expeditions offer participants the chance to learn about and interact with the natural world like never before. Due to our unique relationships with conservationists working in some of the wildest and most biodiverse places in the world, our groups will participate in research projects, learn about local ecosystems and lend a hand in critical conservation efforts. Our Conservation Expeditions will see students traveling to dense rainforests, remote tropical beaches or unique island ecosystems to learn about local ecology and biology through hands on scientific fieldwork, while having the adventure of the lifetime.

The goal of these programs is to cultivate the leadership qualities, self confidence and teamwork that are so vital as young adults move into college and beyond. Following a carefully crafted leadership curriculum and under the watchful eye of specially trained program leaders, participants will be challenged to problem solve in real time, lead group reflections, and navigate their fellow travelers through these wonderful and exotic countries. Participants will return home with increased cultural awareness, enhanced language skills, and, most importantly, a deeper understanding of their own capacity to affect positive change in their local and global community.

Photography Expeditions give students the chance to develop their photography skills with the advantage of having some of the world’s most unique and magnificent destinations as backdrops for their images. The programs teach students to use photo and video to capture incredible imagery, engage with their surroundings and share compelling stories. Walking Tree selects talented photographers and filmmakers from Campfire Creative Media to travel alongside groups to offer them guidance, insight and practical knowledge about photography. The Campfire Media photographers are trained to teach students the art of photography and to guide students in capturing the best moments of their adventure.

In addition to our open enrollment travel programs offered to high school students from around the world, Walking Tree Travel also designs unforgettable custom itineraries for teachers and their classes, families and other motivated groups who are interested in embarking on unique and meaningful travel experiences overseas. We are able to organize custom travel programs around the globe that concentrate on a wide range of activities and global issues. We are happy to entertain all ideas. Essentially, anything is possible!

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