Financial Aid


We believe that cost should not prevent enthusiastic students from being able to travel with us. For this reason we are constantly looking for ways to improve upon our offerings for fellowships, scholarships, and discounts to motivated participants.

Our fundraisers are open to all applicants. Payment plans, fellowships, and full scholarships are need-based and are open only to Open Enrollment applicants. The total amount awarded depends on a variety of factors, including parent contribution, student contribution, household income, and availability of aid.

Below are the four components of our financial aid opportunities, along with some general notes on the application process. Please click on each of the tabs below to learn more about what we offer.

WTT offers extended payment plans to distribute the financial obligation of our programs over up to a year.

Eligibility: Based on individual need

Deadline: Within two weeks of acceptance

Length: Up to one year from travel date

Items Needed:

  • Open Enrollment Application
  • Financial Aid Application (this will be sent to you after you opt for financial aid in your Open Enrollment Application)
  • $250 Deposit (fully refundable if we don’t come to an acceptance on payment plan)
  • Copy of Most Recent Tax Return
  • Credit Check Form
  • Promissory Note (once plan is determined)

Note: Can be combined with the Fair Trade Fundraiser and a Fellowship.

Journalism Fellows are responsible for documenting their study abroad experiences. Before the program departs, Fellows will write a short proposal of the kind of article they hope to write and will be contacted by a WTT Director to review expectations and responsibilities. During the program, Fellows will keep a daily account of interesting stories, touching moments, difficult challenges, and personal triumphs. They will also be encouraged to conduct interviews with students, leaders, and locals and will contribute to their group’s blog. After their program, Fellows will use their notes and interviews to attempt to publish an original article in their school paper, local newspaper, and/or other news sources. The article will also be posted on our blog and may be used in other promotional materials.

As a Journalism Fellow, you will learn to:

  • Understand one’s role as an advocate for global leadership
  • Develop writing and blogging skills while strengthening a resume for college
  • Strategize methods for documenting experiences while on program
  • Connect process of travel writing to promotion of global awareness

Eligibility: Based on individual need.

Deadline: Within two weeks of application.

Amount: $0 – 50% of tuition, with no limit to the number of Fellows per program.

Items Needed:

  • Open Enrollment Application
  • Financial Aid Application (this will be sent to you after you opt for financial aid in your Open Enrollment Application)
  • $250 Deposit (fully refunded if we don’t come to an agreement on aid)
  • Copy of Most Recent Tax Return

Note: Participants whose families can afford the full tuition are welcome to apply for a No Funds Fellowship, in which they would be granted a Journalism Fellowship and will receive the benefits of being a Fellow but will not receive a tuition reduction. Fellowships can be combined with the Fundraiser and a Payment Plan. Below is the description of our Journalism Fellowship. If you have an idea for an Independent Fellowship that might suit your interests better, please let us know about it in your application.

Past Journalism Fellowships

Amber Desisto

Ariella Ventura

Arsema Hailemarian

Ava Williams


Claire Campbell

Cynthia Salas

Elle Neal

Hailey Baker

John Morris

Lily Mogen

Luke Daly

Sarah Wilkinson

Shelby Sellers
Johnny Guillemette

Julia Collins

Kaylee Bingham

Laura Sly

Lauren Duncan

Each year we partner with The Wandering Scholar every year to offer a handful of scholarships to students who set themselves apart from the pool of applicants.  These scholarships cover the entire cost of a program, and students must apply directly through The Wandering Scholar.

Eligibility: Only families with household income of less than $40,000

Deadline: Will be awarded at the end of February each year. All forms must be submitted to The Wandering Scholar directly.

Limit: Only a few awarded each year

Forms Needed: You will need to apply directly with The Wandering Scholar by filling out their Wandering Scholar Application at The Wandering Scholar is a non-profit organization committed to providing international education experiences to low-income students.

Note: If you are also applying for a Fellowship or Payment Plan with us, please review and submit the items listed in the above sections.

Fundraising opportunities are offered through Walking Tree Travel. These opportunities give students the resources and tools they need to cover or contribute to the cost of their travel program. Walking Tree has partnered with an organic, fair-trade coffee producer to provide a unique fundraising opportunity available to all WTT travelers. Pablo’s Coffee, and their community of international coffee farmers, is thrilled to make quality organic coffee available as a fair-trade fundraising opportunity. For each $20 bag sold, $10 goes to pay the costs for the local coffee farmers and $10 goes directly to the participant to offset their travel costs.

Eligibility: All participants are eligible.

Deadline: All payments and order forms must be sent to WTT by the program travel date. If you have already paid in full, we will send you a check for the amount you raised.

Amount: No limit. You can raise up to your tuition, or even beyond!

Items Needed: Fundraising Guide

Note: Can be combined with a Payment Plan and a Fellowship.

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