Planning Process

Planning Process

Walking Tree Travel is excited to offer customized travel itineraries to a variety of destinations around the world. In order to provide participants with a unique, adventurous, and safe experience abroad, our Custom Program Director will work closely with a group sponsor to design every aspect of your travel adventure. We will custom-tailor the itinerary to meet your interests and educational goals.Walking Tree Travel encourages groups to spend a portion of their program in one of our many host communities, dedicating time to authentic homestays and meaningful local service work.

WTT strives to make the planning process as easy and hassle-free as possible. We do this by helping the teacher or group organizer with recruiting and then with handling all logistical concerns including meals, transportation, accommodations, and group activities, leaving travelers to enjoy the ride. Take a minute to check out six easy steps that outline the process of setting up a travel program withWalking Tree Travel.


Tell us about what you hope to get out of your travel experience. What are your educational goals? What will get your group excited about learning and traveling? Based on your interests, we’ll work with you to custom-tailor the ideal itinerary for your group. Call 303-242-8541 to speak with a Director, or email us at


With your group’s needs and interests in mind,Walking Tree Travel will develop an itinerary and all-inclusive quote. What’s included?

Tuition Includes:

Typically, one group sponsor will travel for free for every eight participants that travel. During the program, an experienced WTT Program Leader will accompany your group helping to translate, manage the logistics, and ensure that everything runs smoothly. Our all-inclusive programs can range from $1,500 to $4,000 per traveler including international airfare.


Walking Tree Travel works with public and private schools around the country, and we have one of the most trusted names in the industry. Some educators choose to organize their program independently, allowing them to recruit students outside of their school, however if you choose to engage your district, administration or school board, we would be happy to mail you detailed materials that can be used to explain WTT’s procedures and guidelines for safety, quality programing, and customer service. Please note that WTT holds an insurance policy that can be extended to cover schools and districts that travel with us.


Invite potential participants and their parents to an information session in the evening. We will send you personalized pamphlets, videos, and an overview of your program on a personalized program webpage. With 30+ RSVP’s, we will send a Director to attend or Skype into the information session to directly answer parent and student questions.


Get pumped, your excitement is contagious! Encourage interested participants to register through the link on your personalized Program Webpage, or through the Enroll Now link on the WTT website. We’ll provide a recruitment guide to share strategies that have been successful for group organizers in the past.

  • Spread the word – We’ll provide posters, and personalized pamphlets that will help get the word out about your upcoming program.
  • Send a letter or email parents directly – A personal letter from you goes a long way. Keep parents updated throughout the recruitment process.
  • Use the personalized program webpage – Share the program webpage with prospects and participants, so they can check out photos, videos, and a host of other program-specific information for themselves.
  • Start fundraising – Check out our Fundraising Center for ideas on how to generate buzz and help participants pay for their programs through organized fundraising activities. Fundraising can be an engaging activity that builds community, group dynamic, and a strong base of support for your upcoming program.
  • Schedule classroom visits – If you’re an educator, a Walking Tree Travel representative can visit or Skype into your classroom to talk about the value of international travel.
  • Host information sessions– Set up monthly evening sessions to answer interested students’ and parents’ questions about the program.

Keep communication open with Walking Tree Travel and let us know how we can help — we’re here to support you every step of the way.


Once the pre-determined number of participants is registered, start getting ready to travel! We will host pre-departure information sessions and share packing lists, videos, language learning tools, a personalized blog, and other relevant travel information on your personalized program webpage.

That’s it! Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

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