México’s perfect white sand beaches, rugged canyons, tropical jungles, and arid plains are inhabited by some of the world’s nicest people, all of whom enjoy some of the world’s best food. The same is true for México’s megacities, colonial hamlets, and dusty outposts. Our neighbor to the south truly has it all, yet few visitors experience the real México. Our programs will show travelers the true fabric of México, from small food stalls of México City to pre-Columbian Zapotec ruins, as we travel between México City and the cultural breadbasket of Oaxaca. With traveler safety foremost in mind, we will challenge students to view México in a different light by introducing them to natural and historical wonders, and reward ingthem with the adventure of a lifetime.


Population: 30,444,999

Official Language: Spanish

Fun Fact: Because Mexico City was built on a lake over the ruins of the Aztec city of Tenochtitlán, the modern city is sinking between 6 - 6 inches each year.

Custom Group Sample Itineraries

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  • My experience with Walking Tree was fantastic. I was able to help plan as much of the itinerary as I wanted, something no other company but Walking Tree offered. Walking Tree continues to be the only program we endorse at our school, and for good reason. The service component at the orphanage, coupled with the cultural immersion in Mexico City and Guanajuato, made Mexico an overwhelming success. I'd highly recommend that teachers consider this unique custom opportunity with Walking Tree Travel.

    Tyler Hansbrough Bellarmine College Prep • $2000 for an all inclusive, custom designed, 12-day program to Mexico

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