A mere 90 miles off the coast of Miami, Cuba was once a popular destination for American tourists until politics, revolution and international intrigue got in the way. Today the island nation is a mirage in the minds of most travelers, a mysterious yet romantic place where cigars, antique cars, baseball and a bearded dictator loom largest. Cuba is place of dichotomies that leave your mind spinning: iconic revolutionaries and disillusioned expatriates, white sand beaches and industrial yards, decaying infrastructure and a highly educated population. The paradox of its proximity and isolation seems only to add to Cuba’s charm.

We are thrilled to offer a program that will see our participants digging deep into the history and modern reality of Cuba. We will meet with local community and government leaders, visit with farmers, hike along mountain trails, dance salsa and much more. Viva Cuba!


Population: 11,167,325

Official Language: Spanish

Fun Fact: The only cars that Cuban citizens can own legally are cars created and bought before 1959.

Custom Group Sample Itineraries

-2017 Programming Coming Soon-

  • Walking Tree made our complicated itinerary easy, smoothed away the bumps, and helped transform our Nicaragua trip into a wonderful and memorable journey. Hats off to Walking Tree for accommodating our nine Family Foundation trustees. Our transport, accommodations, and meals were all first-class. We look forward to a repeat performance next year.

    Rick Titcomb Weyerhaueser Family Foundation • $2000 for a 10-day program to Nicaragua, international airfare not included

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