United States

From Facebook to Ford, Hollywood to hamburgers, Beyonce to baseball, no country has more influence on global culture than the United States. With 50 states spanning 4 million square miles, and over 300-million citizens from dozens of ancestry groups, the United States has astounding cultural, political, and geographic diversity. During your program, we will explore a small corner of the country in the Golden State of California. With winding streets, rambling trolleys, rolling fog, and savory treats from Chinatown, San Francisco is a feast for the senses. The gurgling waterfalls, warm campfires, and open sky of Big Basin National Park will provide a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. Surfers, swimmers, and sand castle connoisseurs alike will enjoy the abounding beaches of Santa Cruz. Yet the heart of the program will be our time spent in the city of San Jose. Despite being often labeled as the “wealthiest country in the world,” America still contains many citizens that struggle to survive. We will join up with Sacred Heart Community Services to provide food and clothing to homeless and low-income individuals and families. And of course, no visit to Northern California would be complete without a tour of its finest universities – UC Berkeley and Stanford University. Whether you seek to help an under-served community in your own country or want to take your first trip to America, an incredible adventure awaits you!


Population: 323,730,000

Official Language: English

Fun Fact: Alaska has a longer coastline than all of the other 49 U.S. states put together.

Custom Group Sample Itineraries

Below please find a selection of sample itineraries that have been custom-tailored for high school educators and their students to fit specific learning objectives and goals.

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    New England's High Peaks 8-day Trekking and Conservation Expedition

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    Program Highlights
    • Complete a rugged trek through the white mountains and New England's highest peaks
    • Complete meaningful community service with local conservation organizations.
    • Get certified as a Leave No Trace trainer
    • Visit Dartmouth College and explore career opportunities in conservation and the environment
  • The competition cannot hold a candle to Walking Tree. Walking Tree is a much more personable, much more authentic and a more original experience. This trip really showed my students a great deal about the real Costa Rica, not just the tourist side of this awesome country.

    Barbara Vits Ralston Valley High School • $2100 for an all-inclusive, custom designed, 12-day program to Costa Rica

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